Hello readers,
With this post i would like to talk about the paperback / e-book Poetry Tails. Here is the link to its page on amazon.
this book has not been grabbed by the reading world, mainly due to lack of publicity , mainly because it is poetry!
For those who do not know what this book is about I am going to tell you all here.
For a start I will describe the title, in 2014 I wrote a lot about the stray cats that lived near our house in Velletri, we have moved away from that drab town I might add! we left behind the cats the only thing that we loved in the last three years!
so I was writing poetry about cats, cats have tails, tails sounds like tales , and tales are short stories, and my poetry in this book are short stories, so basically Poetry Tails, a lot of my work is a play on words and this is one of them!
So what do you get for your money? I chose the price to be the lowest possible, you get 103 pages of poetry, a couple of photos of me, of me and the muse and a bunch of cats!
the tales are a mixed bunch of horror stories, history facts, my history, and other strange tales from my grim mind.

Here are the titles of my poems.

Mist And Snowfall.
Sword In The Sunshine.
Zombie Class 13.
A Cheaper Way To Fly.
The Abbey In Whitby.
Look What Daddy Did To The Sky.
Interview With The Cats.
Tumbling Down Memory Lane.
Turning Around The Turner.
Fluffy Cobwebs And Grim Tales All The Way.
Corner Of The Eye.
Natures Call.
Continue On.
More Or Less.
Mystery In This World.
Lavender Girl.
Hay Bale.
Super Sexy Swinging Ghouls.
No End In Sight.
Falling Off The Page.

Even though some of these poems can be found here on WordPress, over half of the poems are exclusive to this compilation, so to read these poems you must buy the book!
The cover art was changed to grab people’s attention, but that did not work out either!
I have only two books for sale, mainly due the fact I am not good at selling them! my free ebooks have been downloaded 1100 times but sadly my paid work is stuck in amazon hell!
please help me advertise my work by sharing this article, I try to make my poetry different, entertaining, educationally , poetry to make you think.
I hope you like what I wrote!