everyone is on the highway,
listening to a version of My Way,
everyone wants to sing on Broadway,
everyone is someone for one day,
so let us get on our pathway.
chomping on a sickly Milky Way,
let us all make amends one day,
listen to what I have to say,
choice is yours don’t turn away,
bum notes come every day,
do not listen to what the critics say,
do your thing and make them pay,
only follow some rules Okay?
learn to paint a brighter day,
make your bed comfortable so you can lay,
and sleep and recharge in a peaceful way,
some might get mad at poetry,
some might say it is child’s play,
I don’t listen to what they say,
a choice was made I am too far down
the pathway!

©Darren Hobson May 2015