brought home two cats,
born at work,
one month old,
do not want,
the same ending,
as the offspring,
from last year,
by their father,
mother nature,
at its most,
crazy way,
now I have to clean,
the house,
twice as much,
feeding two more mouths,
more cleaning up,
kittens sweet,
I am afraid,
to fail,,
like always,
mixed with,
I thousand pound,
placed on my shoulders,
with the ten tonne
I already had,
I feel down,
did I do the wrong thing?
kitten eyes,
scared of me,
wanting their mother,
shitting everywhere,
long hard shift ahead,
to get things right,
to get these rascals,
fully fed,
wrestling with,
each other,
open claws,
falling ornaments,
for me more chores,
will they become,
dancing cats,
for me and the muse,
so afraid,
I haven’t a clue,
they need me to survive,
keep them warm,
keep them clean,
I feel so annihilated,
when I should smile,
at them,
kitten noses,
crab dancing,
slipping on ,
kitchen tiles,
slick moves,
make me laugh,
they need me to survive,
I see it in the eyes,
the muse at play,
dancing with the cats,
since yesterday,
I am sad,
weighted down with fear,
do not know what to do,
do they feel at home?
those cute kittens,

©Darren Hobson May 2015

photo ©Elisa Cimino the muse May 2015