There is never enough time to do everything you planned, there is always a hurdle placed in front of you, a distraction, a need or problem that needs to be solved. Time passes by things get delayed, postponed and forgotten.
It is up to us to choose what is the most important, resolving and fixing and completing that task.
It hurts to forget about something that you care for but you have to make priorities.

Life is all that.

That is what my book is about, I managed to find time to think it over, plan it, piece it together and write it, tidy it and edit it, now it is published it is now about who wants to read it!
On the cover I kept things simple, I wanted the poetry to speak for itself, every poem or short story twists and turns randomly and without sense, and when the poem ends you suddenly realise that a lot more things make sense.

I am ironic, I am cruel I take the characters and actors in my work to different areas of glory and demise, my work will make you laugh and it will make you cry but in the end you will feel good.

Just like life is.

I feel my writings are moving to another level, I am still a beginner on a learning curve, but I am moving forward and upwards, in one year my free ebooks have been downloaded 1600 times it is an achievement that has to be bettered in the next 12 months. I have gone back to all my previous ebooks and changed them in some way, hopefully for the better, hopefully they are more eye catching

As the past is framed and archived I move on to pastures new, taking painful experiences and wonderful moments with me in my heart.

Just like life is.

Come over to your favourite e-book provider and look for my brand new e-book Life Is… , and have a look at my back catalog to see what I have been up to.

Life continues and so do I.

My new ebook is dedicated to everyone who has found life difficult lately, from injustice to acts of terrorism. Life is a Bitch but we cannot get depressed about it, with gritted teeth we continue on.


Darren Hobson