Well there is not much news at the moment, the whole world has gone off line as they hit the beach or have gone on a teddy bears picnic, maybe someone has gone to Yellowstone park because they think the super volcano is about to blow us into the next ice age putting in jeopardy the latest last motley crue concert. Others are looking after their kids as Alice fondly said schools out for summer, and if the volcano explodes schools out for ever,
so mums and dads are catching up with parenthood shocked to find their offspring have grown since Christmas and have changed boyfriend five times since and their favorite group is no longer the same as eight months ago because this is the digital age and tastes change daily.
Me I am down in the south of Italy relaxing, pondering my next move, jotting down ideas laughing to myself, giving myself realistic goals and trying not to be so fucking negative. That my friends is the most difficult.
I hope my readers enjoyed my eBook seams, more coming soon, I have still a few books or novels in limbo, so I need to find time to do everything.
Cheers for reading and love your cat.