One of my friends published a photo of what is happening in Camden, one of the areas that I visited before Christmas which is basically an outside market, quirky and insane with all kinds of products you cannot find in the multinational bland egoistic department stores, buying a coat for my muse at a discount I was told that they had to close due to redevelopment, but I cannot imagine the mutilation that was to be.
Basically they have ripped the heart screaming out of Camden,now the photo shows a building site, building another shopping center with apartments above them, cinema restaurants and such, do these businessmen understand we are not all made of money? That we go to these markets for a good deal? We don’t want to shop in air conditioned white walled modern buildings, we want the smells of damp the sweat and the tears, the stalls stained with blood of hard graft, we want to hear the laughter of the stall holders telling us of another time, we don’t want some dumb tart with too much makeup following us around with a false smile. For fucks sake every shopping center in the world is as bland as the next one, same shops and same food, cunts. We are not all the same, we are not clones but these businessmen are canceling our identity,destroying our souls, we are to become digital copies of one another, listening to the same commercial crap, eating the same poisoned modified foods, with the same distant stare.
Fuck this new world outlook, fuck those money grabbing bastards.