Woke up this morning turned on the news channel something that you should not do when you are on holiday when you are trying to be happy.
First story was the continued flow of refugees into Italy and Greece, desperate souls paying money for a trip to hell, to be treated like shit by us Europeans? The Greek policeman slapping people? These people are confused disoriented maybe cold and wet angry about how their ferry trip to a new life was just a money making scheme for some heartless lout. They have just found out all their dreams and money and identity are worth nothing.
Where is the humanity?
Next news, from the north of Italy, husband and wife, owners of a bakers , fresh pizza and bread every day, working morning noon and night, saints in the eyes of their fellow towns people, killed yesterday because they complained of the rising crime in the area, above all drug use, hard working normal people have the right to voice the concerns above all for the safety of their customers. Dead now.
Where is the humanity?
Other news from all over Italy, young kids about 18 dying… How ? Going to the night club !! The drugs circulating at the moment are so full of shit the kids are dropping like flies, I do not want any kid taking drugs but who is selling this poison for a large profit should be ashamed of themselves.
Where is the humanity?
More news another night club on the beach, another kid killed by a rock fall, heavy storms to blame that have battered Italy in the last days.
At this point I changed channel!
Be safe this summer, don’t forget your suncream or your humanity.