Hey readers, I hope there are some readers left, this WordPress blog confuses me, the more I seem to do the less interactive things get, maybe I am paranoid!

first news is I have written a new e-book and as I thought the writing was better, deeper and more complex I put a price on it, well in the poetry publishing world I have just cursed this book to its death! even though in July I have the honour of  my poetry eBooks being downloaded 600 times, I am still a failure in selling a book!
OK about the eBook it is called Just For What A Word’s Worth, which means it joins the Just family of books, as you may know I like playing with my words and yes the pun was intended when I wrote Word’s Worth , aka Wordsworth an English poet!
into this book I have wrote tales of fantasy and horror, history and geography and a couple of thoughts on the world we live in. extraordinary stuff from your favourite poet, it will cost you a huge amount of money, but it $1.13 and I will get richer by the day from its sales!
Just what a word’s worth.
if you believe that then you believe anything!

Second news to make fun of myself I decided to design a couple of t-shirts, just for fun, I wanted to see if my t-shirts sold more than my eBook!! currently eBook 3 t-shirt nil!!!
Poetry Shopping!

even though I am furious that my poetic talents are not worth bollocks, my next project is taking shape and will be a book and it will have a price.
I just hope my sales can get into double figures!

thanks for reading and have a great autumn!


just what a words worth