We are constantly moving,
But at the same time waiting,
Waiting for an opportunity,
Waiting for a miracle,
To change our mundane lives,
Some people are waiting for the train,
Some people waiting for the high speed line,
To be built over green fields,
To make business trips quicker,
Some people are dying,
Because they are waiting,
Because they are hoping,
That a new cure can be found,
A lot of people are waiting,
For governments to start moving,
Fulfilling broken promises,
That we have always heard,
But the politicians are themselves waiting,
For the outcome of trials,
Of corruption and mafia involvement,
Back handers and back stabbers,
The nation lumbers on in crisis mood,
Switch off the country put it in safe mode,
Investment minimal,
Employment high,
We are still waiting,
As the world passes us buy,
The collapse of everything,
While we were waiting,
Hospitals underfunded,
For beds we are waiting,
We are sat in cars,
On roads full of potholes,
Narrow and dangerous roads,
We are waiting,
Stuck in a jam,
Because someone was tired of waiting,
Passed a red light or something similar,
Crunching collision,
And the idiot victim is waiting,
For an ambulance that will never arrive,
Waiting as blood and life slips away,
The ambulance was waiting,
To be repaired with parts,
That cannot be found so easily,
As the ambulance is old and fragile,
They are waiting for a new fleet,
Of shiny new ambulances,
With apparatuses that could,
And should keep us alive,
And in the factories and body shops,
Where the ambulances are built,
Factory workers sent home forever,
As there are no more vehicles to be made,
Another factory closed,
Because they were waiting,
Waiting for orders that never came,
Only promises only broken words,
Investment a political tool,
A word thrown in the mix too easily,
The population is waiting,
Sick of hearing,
Broken promises,
Everybody is waiting for the crisis to end,
Everybody wants the corrupt out of the government,
Until then we are waiting,
Depressed from the recession,
Death is everywhere,
Everyone despairs,
For better times.

© Darren Hobson September 2015