Time passes by and we all evolve, I am trying desperately to push my art into the world with different levels of success, the audience here on wordpress is top, I thank you all for your comments and support, also on blogger too.
The time has come to try something else, a stand alone site that desperately needs help from the readers and friends that are on here.
I started the site on saturday so I am at an early stage, lost between meta tags and alt tags and all the rest, I would like my friends to take a look, share my work, opinions on getting it better or maybe you found some errors.
today I wrote a new poem, posted on my new site please can you take a look share and leave me a comment, on here or over there!

thank you!

I woke up

I woke up,
I thought I heard laughter,
Maybe a cat’s paw,
Scratching at the door,
I should be asleep,
Dreaming of food,
Tasty home cooked pies,
Lashings of ginger ale,
But I woke up,
Somehow, someway,
Did not have a nightmare,
To my dismay,
I should be dead,