Can someone please,
Tell me what day it is today?
Everybody seems so happy,
All the kids are at play,
Families seem to be united,
For a few hours at least.
Lots of surprises,
Then there is a feast,
Can someone please,
Help me prepare the food,
So many vegetables,
Some are deformed and rude,
Families actually eating at the table,
Together it happens twice a year,
So many surprises,
Then there is the festive cheer,

Can someone please,
Wake up the snoring dad,
He has over done it with the beer,
He can’t remember how much he had,
Families seem to be laughing,
It’s great to see them smile,
Lots of surprises at last,
It’s been great for a while,
Can someone please,
Tell me why it happened so fast,
The day has gone so quickly,
I was hoping it would last,
The family disperses,
Returning to their daily feuds,
No surprise there,
They left a mountain of food,
Can someone please,
Inform me if I’m wrong,
We have forgot to see the real meaning,
Of this day we tried to move on,
The family returns to war,
The telephone rings no more,
They will start talking again next December,
Just like the year before,
Can someone please,
Make this Christmas magic last,
Let us freeze the moment of joy,
Don’t let go of it too fast,
It was great seeing the family as one,
Laughing and being giddy,
I just wish it was a monthly occasion,
But that would be silly,
So remember in this festive moment,
To enjoy yourself as much as you can,
Leave all the negative feelings by the door,
Switch off our phones and wi-fi,
Celebrate the joys of being together,
Looking at your loved ones eye to eye,
Hold the moment,
Be as one,
Enjoy this Christmas moment,
Have lots of fun,
Wind down and relax,
There is no time to rush,
Embrace the family,
Joy is a must,
Can someone please,
Lock the front door,
Closing in these moments,
That we want to last some more,
Hoping the family remembers,
To be like this for all the year,
To be forgiving and kind,
And full of Christmas cheer!!

Have a great Christmas everyone, embrace the moment,forget the niggles of silly arguments.