The day the heart was broken,
And the ace of spades fell down,
It is time for us all to club together,
As we have lost our diamond in the rough,

Nobody wanted this to end,
He believed in immortality,
We wanted to rock out until the end,
We believed in Lemmy,

Who is going to make us deaf now?
Who is going to watch over us?
We have to move ahead somehow,
But remembering how good it was,

Nothing lasts forever,
But it was great while it lasted,
The ace of spades in our hearts,
And the thumping bass whenever we were wasted,

So raise your glass of Jack
Hard men with tears in their eyes,
Pride in the heart, hit you right back,
With an iron fist and musically wise.

dh and jd
the poet drinks a Jack!

There has been no sleep since we heard,
The earthquake that hit the ‘net,
Everyone who is someone missing you,
It seems the whole world got upset.

There is a big void in our universe,
It will be hard to heal our souls,
Nobody can replace you Ian,
Nobody can live up to your rock n roll.

As every stereo on this earth,
And every computer and TV screen,
Cranks up the old motorhead songs,
Making our parents scream.

All the songs, all the good times,
All the concerts and the festivals,
All those times fooling around,
All those photos and goose pimples.

Ashes to ashes poured into a bottle,
You find yourself quite at home,
We salute you Mr. kilmister,
Wherever it is you now roam.