This eBook was written in late summer 2015 and I gave it a loose theme of the worth of words, because looking at how we communicate between us in this new age, nobody writes letters, nobody uses a pen and paper and even when we are chatting we abbreviate words and worse still we use smiley faces to state our emotions.
So just what is a word’s worth?
I also like playing around with words, so Wordsworth was an English writer that is my humour for you, I would think my writings are full of truth, full of wit, full of irony and lots of dark humour.

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here is one of the poems for you to enjoy! Just a taste of what a word’s worth!
We are not all writers,
Some of us not even thinkers,
When something lingers,
A point of view,
An observation,
A sunset,
A waterfall,
Can be photographed,
But some things are deeper,
More profound,
It all can be described,
In verbs and nouns,
With pen or font,
We keep that alive,
Sometimes we forget,
Than we forgive,
Ourselves for not,
Jotting it straight down,
Sometimes a memory returns,
Making you smile,
Forcing you to remember,
You can sum things up,
Make a view your own,
You can be distracted by relatives,
Or the bloody phone!
The pen may run dry,
Computer battery low,
You just have to find a way,
To store what you know,
Paper is consumed,
Handwriting is poor,
Reread after a week,
What did I write? Iā€™m not sure!