You are a demon of demons
You are a long running nightmare
You are hated by the Romans
Who should hold you dear
So long in the making
So much money you have burnt
So many petty arguments
Still they haven’t learnt
The tortuous road is long
The tunnel winds underground
Over budget and behind schedule
Corruption scandals everyday
It should be winding through monuments
But it wound up in debt

Blaming everyone who is anyone
Who placed cash in their back pocket
Even though a few stations are open
Already vandalised and infiltrated with rain
How can you blow that amount of money?
And not have a system that works
As people like Alemanno got rich
The production costs went off the rails
A lot of other directors profited
And not a train in sight,
A metro line started back in 2007
Only a fraction has been opened for us
Now all the construction workers made redundant
Because they need even more money to burn
As the commuters sit on crowded buses
Leaking with rain and full of pollution
The politicians argue over who is to blame
And the construction site grows cobwebs
This metro system should reach far and wide
But thanks to the mafia it splurged to a stop,
Metro C could have been an answer to our problems
But instead it was just a botched up job.
How many times was the opening delayed?
How many promises did the company make?
Now as the site has been mothballed once again
The poor commuters have no choice,
To be squashed into old buses to travel to work
Hoping the bus survives over the finishing line
The stress and strain of working again,
Metro C could have relieved the pain,
But thanks to politics and greedy bastard directors,
Hundreds of builders are out of work,
Unlike in England here they are left to rot,
Praying that the debate is resolved again,
Maybe one day we will see Metro C,
In all of its glory and its driverless trains,
Travelling from outskirts to the Vatican
And commuters never to be squashed,
Ever again!