I watched the rain
Searching for a way
I found something else
To melt away my day
Something grabbed me from beyond
Reached so deep into my despair
It brought no magic wand
It did not adjust my hair
It sent chills down my spine
Took all the wind out of me
It made me crave for the taste of wine
It made me hollow and shitty

When I watched the rain
I was searching for inspiration
But I found something else
It was a revelation
No matter about all the tears,
Cried and lost in vain
Staring into the abyss
I continued to watch the rain
Faraway thoughts
And some good memories
But a bitter aftertaste prevails
I wish I could evaporate like the rain
Leaving no footprint or memory
When my body hides in its shell
When I watch now the rain
Looking for another way
To move this bulky ship forward
A cargo of fools and jokers
Who have lost the light and laugh
As the waves silently rock the boat
The upper decks are lashed with rain
Feeling seasick and lonely
Wanting to feel security and land again
As I watched the rain
The storm clouds came closer
Engulfing my thoughts and the plight of a fool
The air became stale
It started to hail
And the first rumbles of thunder heard
What I need is to clear the air
Like a storm does in summer
And all the mess will be washed away
By the rain
That I watch
Just by watching the rain


I found something else