Here is a video of me narrating the poem Rain!, Please feel free to share!

feeling exhausted
tired on my feet
drained of my senses
feeling a dead beat
when good things end
confusion why, remains
tedious heartless people
playing silly games
trapped in their deceit
no one knows why
these idiot people play
making grown men cry
sinister stupid people
playing mind games
pulling the heart strings of many
making them feel lame,
finally I broke the bond
causing so much unrest
the stupid part of me
I start to detest
I played along I admit
wishing it was true
deep down inside I knew it
and so did you
feeling exhausted
you know why
some people driven suicidal
others may cry
I feel a change
horizons clear
rainbows bursting
future near
drip drip drip
I feel the rain
drip drip drip
cleansing me again
drip drip drip
thankful for the rain
drip drip drip
washing away the pain
you deceived me you little whore
or maybe a boy in disguise
I saw straight through your bullshit
I laughed at your putrid lies
you sent me photos to prove
who you wanted me to be
photos from ten years ago
you said they were just for me
lies, lies and more lies
adding facts from wikipedia
you thought me as a fucked fool
you said you hated the media
you said you was tired of being famous
and all of its sick reality
you hid behind a worthy icon
names rhyme, eventually
how many people have you tried to fool
your charade was thin as lace
I hope you get punished for this
so we can find your real face
five thousand people deceived
from a fairy tale woven by you
you think the world is make-believe
you love it when people worship you
you have no heart or compassion
did you realize you damage the real artist
she would not stoop so low
to be a common thief or florist
drip drip drip
the rain pours harder
drip drip drip
washing away the memory of you
drip drip drip
your words fade like chalk
drip drip drip
the blackboard becomes empty
moving ahead and moving along
I guess you wanted to write a song
a remake, a retake another false way
another headache for your dismay
spent a lot of time
wrote a lot of words
no matter the beauty of the food
eventually it turns to turds
one day someone too
will break your fucking heart
not that you did that to me
you selfish, worthless tart
so you return to your non existence
eating shit and going to school
winding up the local farm boys
in the hay and breaking rules
with an upside down culture
and in the dark alley dirty mind
you will be a teen mom on TV
the stupidest, dumbest kind
only that way can you find fortune
for opening your legs too often
other people have more talent
on a spot on their huge bottom
drip drip drip
on continues the rain
drip drip drip
I forgot your name
drip drip drip
finally I am cleansed
drip drip drip
a new page
cleaner ideas
far away from bullshit
all that you fear
full time , whistle blows
ignoring the photoshopped whores
being educated by bright minds
light years away from your kind
breathing in culture
growing in strength
laughing at youth
praising the rain
the rain
the welcome