We have learned many things from this world,
Some of the good and some of them bad,
We have progressed by understanding this world
Some of them for the better others sad,
But something’s exist without definition,
A random value in a perfect formula,
A haphazard happening not predicted,
A blemish on a perfect cheek.


What do we have here then?
Something mundane and unwanted,
We lust for something just a little better
We squeeze the lemon just a little more,
Extracting one more drip of juice from the fruit,
Perfecting the art of the art of perfection.
When people shout so hard and too often
Daily exhibits in a forbidden exhibition,

Suddenly everything ignites
Fast forwarding the day,
Everything just seems to go right
Everything goes the intended way,

I found my catalyst in you,
You are my unexploded firework,
As I touch your lips to explore some more,
I will set your senses alight,
Exploding into a million feelings,
Shattering what was before,
Wiping the slate clean from past experiences
You are my Catalyst!

I will learn many things from your soul,
Some of them good some of them perverse,
We will progress into each other with understanding,
I will bite you until it hurts,
I will squeeze your feelings for just one more kiss,
Extracting all of your desires you wish to keep secret,
When people become tired of their human form,
We will have a daily ritual of sweet sacrifice,

Suddenly everything ignites,
Fast forwarding to the night,
Everything I touch makes you tremble,
Everything goes astray,
I found my catalyst in you,
You are my unexploded firework,
When my tongue wrapped around yours,
I will set your senses alight,
Exploding into a million desires,
You will be hoping for more,
Whipping the sheets clean off the bed
You are my catalyst

And I yearn,
As your breathing comes harder,
I burn,
As I succumb to your desire,
You look oh so sweet on my bed sheets,
Where you unravelled the last shameful inhibitions
All embarrassment has now fallen to the floor,
As I gaze down on you like a celestial star,
I spy every curve and every crevice,
I wish and want to crack a smile,
As you gaze back at me naked in mind and thought,

The pause discomforts you as I study what is before me,
A work of art all dusted and framed for this wanderer,
You hold out your hand to reach intently for mine,
Pulling me down closer to you with a smile growing larger,
As I lay almost on top of this fine table of sacrifice,
Arms wrapped and hold me tighter than ever before,
Lust bursting to come out and dance before our eyes,

And I want,
So much more from you,
I burn,
Ignited by the catalyst that is you.
When the kiss returns,
It was what you yearned,
In the previous days,
When we first met,
But you made a stance,
To not get over excited,

On those first dates,
You didn’t want to get wet,
Not matter how much you tried,
You finally did give in,

So here you are now in my bed,
Tingling to the pleasures of sin,
When the kiss grows to passion,
Whipping and lashing in prolonged fight,
Gaining territory and teasing teeth bite,
Nails scratch your back and caress your spine,
Sweat starts to trickle off my brow,
Your breasts become animated, harder now
Before I manage to touch, you push me away,
On my back in my bed next to you I lay,
You are my catalyst,

Taking the initiative she was not laying down on the job,
As she returned to me, my mind started to throb,
As she kissed my lips then kissed my neck,
Caressing my hair, touching me everywhere
How I enjoyed her lips as they travelled south,
She took my manhood into her hands then her mouth,
I have never ever felt like this,
Glad to have found my very own catalyst

When she tired of speaking into the microphone,
Her desires turned to a new page,
As she carefully boarded the train to paradise,
She got a front row seat before the stage,
As I slipped into the deep dark forest,
She took a ride to the promised land,
As the thrusting intensified quickly,
She romantically held my hand,
As we drove further on into the mist,
I planned to satisfy my catalyst,

As I held on and delayed the inevitable,
Shooting too soon would be so terrible,
With mind games I managed to stall,
I wanted to last forever that was all?
But in the end the inevitable happened,
She seemed to agree with that,
As she now lies beside me,
Worn out and slightly sticky,
She kissed my mouth with a wonderful kiss,
Then said thank you for being my catalyst!