I think to the future
To the days yet to come
How our love will flower,
How it will run,
If it could really be won,
Should it really be happening
When all the stars are aligned
And are brightly shining


On you
For evermore
We will settle the score
For all the sins of Eden
The serpents in the grass
When the thunder of the heavens
Start to crash
Blaming the apple
For planting the seed
We just happened to be naked
Said the teasing Eve,
What we did before
Will carry on
For evermore

I thousand words
To describe love divine
I thousand retold phrases
To make you all mine
But in this digital world
We are subjected to something new
It now takes a provocative photograph
To get me attached

To you
And for evermore
Words hit the taste buds
The roses are still raw
The Garden of Eden was pesticide free
When I tasted your fruit
With the tickle of the flower
The seeds in my teeth
We was still naked
Said the colder Eve
We had to get warm
To carry on
For evermore

The waterfalls splendour
Cascading right before me
The song of the morning blackbird
Comes from the oak tree
The suns first rays creep over the horizon
Bringing light and warmth
For the naked nymph before
She bites the apple

Shockwaves rippled across the lake
The fish and the ducks fled away
The sky scowled at this women’s mistake
The sun fades and all turns grey
The man who encouraged her so,
Felt a little out of place
As the women sucked on forbidden juices
She condemned the entire human race

For you
And for evermore
Every flurry of words said
Gets the lady into the forbidden bed
Just like in Eden
The woman takes the blame
Yet the man gains the riches
As he plays the usual game
He wanted me to be naked
Said the conceiving Eve,
What we did now
Will carry on
For evermore

In many of life’s mysteries
We shut up like a clam,
Trying to hide our sins from the heavens,
You only wished to please your man
The real strength of the women
Hidden from legends of yesteryear
The manipulating, always winning
With tactics cruel and unfair,
Just like a black widow spider,
And her sexual cannibalism,
But only when the male can’t escape
Lady, we are all lab rats

To you
And for evermore,
Feeling trapped
When she closes the door
But in the Garden of Eden
Did we really have no place to run?
Eve put on a really good show that day
How could we just run away?
Feeling alive and naked,
Said the exhibitionist called Eve
What I did then
I will always do
For evermore

The earth population grows,
Starving kids everywhere
But the temptress Eve,
Does not want to know,
She got the itch she scratched,
Back in the first week of sin,
She is headstrong and foolhardy
She will never give in,
Until every desire and ache
Has been fully whipped,
She laughs insanely at her mistakes
Full equipped,

For you
And for evermore,
The spirit of Eve,
Breathes inside every women,
Just like in the Garden of Eden
All girls just want to have fun,
As we the men stand frozen,
Just wanting to join in,
Feeling exhilarated and so naked
A curse of words from our Eve,
I plan to carry on
I will make you believe,
That man is the master,
That all women are weak,
Masculine fools,
All lead to their fate,
To be murdered slowly,
From the very first date,
Stripped of personal freedoms,
As you bow in the temple of love,
You thought you was winning,
When she loved your poetry,
You did not see the trap,
Right before your eyes,
You did not see this coming
You did not realise
What she did to you,
For evermore,
What is inside her
Will be the spirit of Eve,
For evermore
The mother of all mothers
The cruellest of lovers,
The trap springs shut,
Just give up
Be her slave,
For evermore!