Just when you needed a good nights sleep,
You heard the pitter-patter of feet
Coming nearer to you,
As the bed starts to shake
Like this was an earthquake,
You sit bolt upright in a sweat,
Hoping to be awakened
From your nightmare.
As you look around the dark bedroom,
You have a feeling of doom and gloom,
The bed is still shaking
How is that so
I woke from my nightmare
Some seconds ago

As you swing your legs out of the bed
The mattress starts to rise,
Like some demented Disney film
You could hear baby cries.
Floating between floorboards and ceiling
You feel yourself getting in a panic
Getting seasick in your bedroom,
This was something close to satanic,
Suddenly the mattress falls as if let go,
Dropping you hard to the floor,
The lower wooden part of your bed,
Suddenly explodes,
You thought this type of bed was fragile,
But you did not expect it to explode,
But instead of ancient sheets of mother,
Other items blew into the room,
It was like the dry ice from a Maiden show,
But it was no time,
For the rime,
Of the ancient mariner,
Flapping around your crusty curtains,
A fog with many spying eyes,
Making out a lot of lost souls,
That were all fighting to cry,
If this was a nightmare,
I would be so proud,
Such great detail and artistry,
And so fucking loud,
Just as I was getting confident,
Not feeling threatened from them,
The dark swirl of souls,
Shot straight towards me,
Entering my mouth like some sick sweet kiss,
A foul taste than I have had never tasted before,
Worse than when I French kiss a chain smoking nymph,
Worse than the vomit from a Sunday hang over,
As I felt this cloud of souls pouring into me,
I could not move or speak no more,
As I grasp for air I found no way to breathe,
Like dehydrated,
I felt them pulling around the insides of me,
Never felt so violated in this short term life,
With an episode of sheer violence,
I felt the wind and my feet taken from me,

All of a sudden everything was
As if floating in deep space,
My head facing the stars
I felt no gravity pull
No need to breath,
Everything was surreal
Was this the afterlife?
Or somewhere in between.

Then before I could settle down in my trance,
I felt I was tugged into another dimension,
Soon before me I saw a destination unknown
Not between the familiar walls of my house

It looked like a darkened room without shape
I could not see any boundaries keeping me in
But this place was menacing and terrifying
I felt something teasing me

I wanted to move but I was paralysed,
The only things that worked was my eyes
I felt so useless and vulnerable
I was get myself ready for the next

All of a sudden it was totally chaos
I felt thunder in my ears,
It was like I was moving forward in hyperspace
And the stars no longer clear,
Those little specs of white,
That once gave me some enjoyment
Starting growing into orbs and spirits
Finally they were coming into sight,
They were not slowing down,
Soon they were circling me and my fear,
They did not back down,
They passed over me and passed through me
They made no sense to me,
If they had a goal to reach,
Why did they not get to the point?

For moment I was sucked out of the madness,
I blocked out the screams and wails,
I was like I was stuck in some vortex,
In a great book like poetry tails,
I felt a little protected,
As the spirits whirled around me,
It just looked like they were going to
Leave me be,

But no!
Here they come again,
Energised from a pause,
They came at me with teeth and claws,
They held me up and pushed me down,
Scratched me with demon nails
All that they wanted with me
Seem sure as hell such fantasy
But those bites seemed real enough
And the bullying seemed rather rough
If this was a nightmare
I would have woken up by now
Unpleasant memories of unborn life,
Seeing myself somehow,

But no!
This was no normal nightmare,
The souls were working overtime,
They were messing with my primal instincts
Fucking with my mind,
I felt my skin burning with their cold touch
How could I still be here be subjected to this
Then soon the story change with a little harmony
When I spied a dark demon give me a kiss

Back in my vortex again,
I felt I was going insane,
But the cold touch of lips
And the sweet smell of death,
Hideous red eyes looking into mine
What seemed a serpent tongue
Hissing, slicing it slid into me
I was hoping for a meatier
Tastier type of tongue
I could not move
I could only receive
This frustrated me
This worried me,
As I was getting use to the taste
Just as I was wanting more
The hellhound of a bitch
Grabbed my head
And spewed pure filth into me,

Revolting end to a kiss
As you sprayed me death
As black as night
And cold as rain,
I felt that feeling
Inside me again
It felt like cancer flowing through me
Weakening and infected my soul
All the time that she demon
Never took her eyes off me
She caressed my chin
To keep my mouth shut
She obviously did not want
To spit her seed out,
As I felt impregnated
So damn frustrated
I did not realise
Until it was too late
What she had done to me,
I wanted to vomit
I felt my stomach churn,
I felt all my muscles turn to jelly
And throat started to burn,
She let go of me,
Finally I opened my mouth,
In a violent expression of horror
Dark spiked orbs shot out of me
Twenty meters into the air,
As they floated down before me,
They grew in shape and form,
Horrified of what I have become,
And the foul things that were born,
As a hundred forms surrounded
That bitch of a hellhound
She was the mother of my children
I had my soul raped,
With no thank you for what I did
To help enlarge her brood
I hope she did not expect maintenance
And buying our kids food
As surreal as this nightmare got
It was maybe too good to be true,
Expecting any minute my alarm
Clock to bring me back to reality!

But no!
My thoughts turned to despair
As I saw another demon approach me
I tried, I sure did, I tried not to open my mouth
I did not want more foul eggs in me,
But it was like I was all tied up
And was ready to be whipped,
I had no choice but to open up,
Please get it over with real quick,
As I fathered more and more forms
I pleaded for this to end,
My night in hell and darkness
Was driving me around the bend,

I was exhausted from the inside out,
I felt so sick and violated,
Just when I thought it would never end,
The darkness seemed to fade away,
Familiar items came back to me,
Soon I was in the light of day,
That was some nightmare,
So I thought,
But I dashed today the bathroom,
And emptied what was in me,
Too sick to describe the details,
But a vision came back to me,
There was no way in hell,
That could have happened,
So why did I feel this way,
What was that , that came out of me
This was no nightmare
I am sure of that,
I was taken advantage of
By a pack of hellhounds

I lay on my bed,
Holding myself
To protect myself
Shivering and shaking
Feeling violated and dehydrated
Trying to make some sense
Of what has become of me
Not wanting to sleep,
Not wanting to live,
Not wanting to be
What that she demon
Wanted me to be

My very own living
Fathers made in hell
Please save my soul,
Feeling so cold,
The bed still crumpled
The mattress askew
Beware reader,
For when this nightmare
Comes to you!