Of all the years,
I have watched you,
Waited for you,
In the shadows,
Dark and deep,
Those pockets of nothingness,
That caressed you nevertheless,
Projected by you,
Nothing but you,
All coming from you,
And your pathetic soul.gain edit

So why all the pain?
Why are we here again?
Something’s never change,
Sometimes we have nothing to

We was headstrong once,
Before the headaches bit back,
We had a little heart once,
Until we had a heart attack,
And now the paranoia,
Twisting through gritty veins,
The venom is boiling hot,
And we have nothing to gain,

We worshipped what we once were,
We was guilty of being young and free,
But life put the shackles on the crawling baby,
And pushed its pram towards insanity,
With its growing pains and teething problems,
Those dirty reusable, smelly oversized nappies,
We forgot to love ourselves through a broken mirror,
And you ask why we never look happy?

So why are we so insane?
Why are we here again?
We are headline news,
Hanging from a noose,
A government gun pointing at our head,
We was born and certified dead,
Something’s never change,
Now you know why we have nothing to,

You can condemn me to death you sad motherfucker,
Just don’t walk in my shoes or down my lonely path,
Because you don’t realise what life is until it hits you
Right between your stupid, unseeing eyes!
You promised me the world,
And destroyed my life,
We are back in a long line to be dealt some pain,
You wonder why we have nothing left to loose,
Because all things never change,
When you have nothing to gain,

Of all the years I was watching you,
The mirror shattered years ago,
With the first punch I ever used,
I was already dead,
Just another sick statistic,
Just another stain on your ward,
Another bed sheet to burn,
Another corpse to cremate,
I’ve been watching you,
I’ve been screaming your name,
But silence is harder than frozen water,
And I have nothing left to gain,

The ones alive are not really living,
They are sedated in bed,
Into which they are shitting,
Excrement overflowing from the bed pan
And the government flies are all over the place,
They are leading you along,
As you live out a lie,
The so called human race,
Do you ever ask why?
We are a military target,
Ready to be shot down,
Just pray to yourself,
That a zombie holocaust will hit this town!

So why all the pain?
Why are we here again?
Something’s never change,
Sometimes we have nothing to
We are all headline news,
For twenty seconds of a day,
Until something else happens,
And we all get in the way,
When you have money to burn,
You don’t really have to learn,
About all of the sick reality,
But when you are down in the dumps,
Living at the bottom of the pile,
You are just coffin fodder,
Decomposing would take a while,
When nothing else would be plain,
What do you have to gain?