Did not 4see this,
I had nothing to live 4,
B4 everything was vulgar,
B4 I got so fucking old,
Bring 4th all the memories,
Remind me where I’ve been,
4 I seem to be losing my way,
Let us start a fresh again.

4Tfucking 4

I almost remember being 16,
I started going to work,
I was drunk and fucked up by 18,
Just another English jerk,
I thought it was good to be bad,
I thought it was cool to be drunk,
But 4 all the bullshit I did,
I am still a part of that ill-advised punk,


Sometimes I wished myself to death,
And drank my weekend away,
But somehow and some way I’m here,
I guess I’m here to stay,
4 all the vices I’ve touched,
And all of the sin I’ve tasted,
I’ve grown stronger in the end,
All the shit in the end wasn’t wasted,

I thought 4 a long time,
I did not think I would live until,
But here I am writing again,
Just in poetry and all 4 you.

It has been a long and winding road,
I have seen plenty of fruit fall to the ground,
Watched them rot away to nothing,
And saw them grow once more.

It’s a strange and wicked circle,
Non-stop it keeps coming around,
Arriving now at 4Tfucking 4,
I still have my feet on the ground,

I think of what I have done,
Then think of what I’ve become,
This makes me so bitter and twisted,
Maybe that is why I’m not much fun.

Tired of saying the same old things,
Maybe you have heard it all B4,
But I’m a boulder sat over a treasure cave,
I’m the banana skin on the floor.

The more I wait the more I hurt,
The more I resent myself,
And worse in time I can’t get in line,
Waiting for someone to pull the plug.

At 4Tfucking4

I’ve said it again,
I’ll say it some more,
I can’t seem to realize,
What it means to be alive,
But here I am and fucked up,
And right before your beautiful eyes