Hello everybody.

Holiday season for me is over, the suntan will wash away with the sand and I might get the washing machine fixed so I can have some clean clothes.
I believe a lot of people were on the beach on the 1st of August but on that day the Japper Napper ebook was published finally, after a considerable delay, for which I apologise.

This ebook is about all the things that are making me itch, censorship, social media bullshit , pokemon shit, you know the shit that is society today. It is a very tight compact and spicy collection of poetry, what do you expect from a strange poet like me?
As you can see by the title and the cover work my tongue in cheek humour still has its weight in gold and I hope you laugh at my double meanings and innuendos.
I published this ebook via three publishing houses, so basically there are three different versions hovering around out there!
Here are some of the links >
Remember I also filmed a video for The Japper Napper.
I hope you like what you read , let me know, remember my next ebook is already in production!