I was feeling blue,
In the deepest drawer of winter,
Feeling closed in the closet,
Of the loneliest month,
I don’t like the heat of summer,
The sweating of armpits,
The biting of the bugs in your bed,
The crusty scabs on your head,
I like the dark but not so much the cold,
The drizzle on a work day morning,
You know it’s going to be a long day,
You know your life is boring,
Standing tall at the end of April,
You can feel the season change,
Wishing and hoping for warmth,
To scream, bye, bye winter blues.

As you study the internet,
Watching the weather channels,
On seasonal temperatures, ice-cold slant,
Wearing winter clothing in May,
Desperately wanting some warmth,
Dying to walk around outside,
Fed up of watching the rain tapping the window,
You want to go for a long ride,
Far away from here,
Away from the grey sky,
Away from the cruel cold,
The wind blows dirt into your eye,
Wanting and yearning,
To say bye, bye winter blues.

Just as you thought it was here,
You felt the temperature rise,
But another storm front slides in,
Blowing away your dreams,
Torrential rain,
Strikes again,
One hour downpour,
Devastating crops,
I want to scream,
Bye, bye winter blues.

I want to wear Bermuda shorts,
And scare people with my over white,
Ugly and scarred legs,
I want to see,
The worst kind of woman,
Bursting out of the too small bikini,
That she was dying to wear,
Bye, bye winter blues.

You took your time to come,
But I’m glad that you’re here,
So I can sip on my beer,
In the piazza,
And relax there.
But you are not here,
You have become out of season,
Another kind of wind blows in,
For whatever reason,
Coats in June,
No sun tan in sight,
Another downpour,
Another early night.

Summer excursions,
Put on hold,
Waiting for us all,
To get so old,
Summer time, good times,
Where are you?
I went to an outdoor rock festival,
Found only mud,
Anoraks and brollies,
Knee deep in shit,
Looking a total wally,
Raining on a Saturday,
Raining on my day off,
Sat at home counting seeds,
Wanting to sing loudly,
Bye, bye winter blues!


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