Below is my poem dedicated to all the victims of the earthquake, to all the people who are suffering from loss of family and loved ones, the people traumatized by this quake and all the other quakes in living memory. We will never forget!

In life you will find obstacles,
Placed before you,
By people you trusted,
People you admired,
People at the top,
Rotten to the core.

What more can a person ask for?
Trust in you,
Trust in the establishment,
Trust in politics,
Trust in mankind,
Not all people,
Live to make money,
They just live to be alive,
Pass their time with family,
Harvest their crops,
Craft their wares,
Simple things make people smile,
Does that sound unfair?
Property and land passed down,
From generation to generation,
Owners trust authorities,
To show them the right direction,
Guide them through a minefield,
That is bureaucracy,
Trusting the establishment,
To keep them safe,
Through thick and thin,
They did not expect to be conned,
To be ignored from laws,
That would keep a roof over their heads,
Instead of falling down,
In a seasonal quake,
That was to be expected,
Sooner or later,
In an area prone to disaster,
Why was building legalisation ignored?
Top heavy roofs,
Powdery bricks and mortar,
Damaged from years of neglect,
Infiltrated with water,
A disaster waiting to happen.
The owners thought they were safe,
After the quake back in 2009,
Surely the authorities,
Would not commit the same mistake?
There was some intervention,
Too little and too late,
Some builders cut some corners,
Corners downed in the quake,
Even the government conned the Italians,
A law so vulgar to understand,
If the quake is above six on the Richter,
The government will open its purse,
While the whole of Europe says 6.2,
Why in Italy are we saying only 6.0?
Of course you silly people,
So the government won’t spend a penny.

As we the innocent people,
Are pulling our hair out,
Crying our eyes out,
Pulling our loved ones out,
Burying our dreams.

People are taking advantage,
Of all the disaster all around,
Petrol stations raise their prices,
On the roads leading to Amatrice,
Charities rake in money for the poor,
They pocket a few million for their time,
While people are suffering in tents,
The crooks are having a good crime,
People travel from all over the country,
Not to help but to raid the empty houses,
Robbing and pillaging the ruins,
Looking for gold and other wares.

While I applaud the good kind people,
From donating blood and their time,
But there are heartless bastards everywhere,
When goes on in their mind?
As I sit and write another poem,
About the same old song and dance,
Those thieving bastards in government,
Those poor folks never had a chance.
From Berlusconi to Renzi,
And the cunt that is Monti,
Murderers like the Mafia,
A deep stain on Italy.

I have walked through many city centres,
As old or older than that of Amatrice,
Houses abandoned in the winter,
Brimming with families in summer,
As the young generation move to the city,
Looking for work and a social life,
The poor old villages lie dormant,
Until a religious ceremony returns,
Fate wrote that the earthquake,
Hit Amatrice at a busy time,
They were preparing for a festival,
Spaghetti on all their minds,
So many towns in Italy,
Have been destroyed by ignorance,
Back in 1980 so much pain,
In 2009 not quite the same,
Makes us all mad that we don’t learn,
We build so badly and without thought,
Quakes rock this peninsular daily,
So what not build with force?
What does it take to build proud?
To deny the Mafia from rebuilding,
What does it take to amend  a law,
To strengthen and preserve our well being,
So much beauty and heritage destroyed,
So many families in mourning,
Why does this never happen to those bastards,
Who have bank accounts brimming with their thieving?
It is time to change and save our souls,
All those people living on the next quake,
All those people living in fear,
Wondering if their lives are at stake.

Until then we will all be,
Pulling our hair out,
Crying our eyes out,
Pulling our loved ones out,
Burying our dreams.

Don’t believe any of the bullshit that this government cares, it is just like any other corrupt government fed off the virus that is the Mafia, people will continue to die, as the people in power get rich from the population that is suffering.
Renzi has made a law that says anybody who insults him on social media will be fined and or arrested but laws to protect people from the government lies will never be made.
You are responsible for the 23 deaths in Puglia from the train crash.
You are responsible for the almost 300 deaths in the Amatrice region.
You are responsible for all the people who have committed suicide this year because they have felt abandoned from those in power.
You have blood on your hands, you have destroyed more people than Mafia has this year.