I am so hidden,
Down, down, way down,
So down I am underground,
Just like a rabbit in his burrow,
Daylight frenzy brings so much sorrow,
Digging deep with clenched paws,
Hidden down, hiding claws.

Stay down!
Lay down,
Accept the consequences
And the light of day,
Scarred to the bone,
In each and every single way,
Turn the tide against the flow,
Why I’m here, I don’t know,
Trying to settle down into a groove,
Forgive me if I don’t seem to move
As I’m going down,
Deep into the inside of me,
Turns out the blinding lights,
I don’t need pity!

Going down!
Truth is pure,
Accept the gossip,
In its purest form,
You don’t have a right,
To have a home,
On a mountain top,
Or a hillside, seaside mount,
Slap your ego with garlic,
There is no need to shout!

Hidden away in the bushes,
Caressing the leaves in spring,
The buds will turn to flowers,
And the branches grow and grow,
And that is how mother nature,
Was made to be,
Progression and life,
In harmony,
But I don’t see the light,
I am not for that gig,
I am regressing into my soul,
Digging myself a bigger hole.

Hidden deep!
Time to creep!
As I dig deeper,
I feel the soil,
Beneath my nails,
I feel worms slither past,
As I enter their underworld,
No one will find me down here,
Away from the chaos and the fear,
Of not fitting in and feeling alone,
The whole world attached to their telephone,
As I lay with the bones and cockroaches,
Spying the world that use to be,
All history amounts to nothing,
When hidden deep below the surface,
Of a modern world bustling with life,
People moving here and there,
But in the end they have not achieved nothing,
But gain stress and some mass hysteria,
Lay me down ten feet underground,
Away from the waves of ultrasound,
Let me rest in peace and breathe freewill,
All this bullshit is making me ill!

I feel pain, breathing again
Insane as they want me to be,
Annoyed with the scratches,
I cannot touch or cure,
I cannot make anything better,
Not anymore,
There is no use in fighting,
Not anymore,
Better to stay hidden,
Better to stay underground,
I tried my best to embrace this world,
But I see my future below the floor,

Dreaming to be,
Screaming to be.