There is no present in the present,
Only an outdated GIF for a gift,
No medals for coming second or first,
A certificate is a waste of recycled paper.

As we tread along the razor,
Singing the same songs,
We forgot we left the past,
Into the mist that is the future,
The seasons have change so has my mood,
I forgot to be courteous felt good to be rude,
It’s not my fault we all forgot the prize,
So wipe the shit and sleep from your eyes.

There are no prizes for coming last,
But they come to overtake you so damn fast,
Before you know it you are around the bend,
You are always alone and abandoned in the end.
As we slide along the razor,
Whistling the same songs,
We forgot to buy a plaster,
For all the cuts you create,
The weather has changed my outlook too
I forgot to be happy felt good to be blue,
It’s not my fault we dropped the prize,
So whip the sheep and come down a size.

We have a bundle of shit wrapped in gold,
You can smell the treat now we are getting old,
Wash your hands you don’t know where it’s been,
When you live a life it is hard to keep clean.

As we dance along the razor,
Humming some old songs,
We forgot to change our shoes,
That come away at the seams,
The trends have changed but I stay the same
Frozen in time and I hate to use my name,
It’s not my fault we dressed up the prize,
While you slept you got acid in your eyes.

On the horizon another day dawns,
In the cemetery privileged people mourn,
The authorities clean up another political mess,
The prize today is wearing a ballroom dress.

As we play along the razor,
Making up a silly song,
We forgot to be mature,
Is that so wrong?
The world has changed and it’s such a mess,
I hate the world around me and myself at my best,
It’s not my fault we all live for the love of the prize,
It’s type to wake the fuck up and open your eyes!

The razor cuts and has started to sting,
I forgot the words and I can’t really sing,
I am so hollow inside I can’t sleep at night,
Depressed and angry I don’t feel right,
The world is chasing Pokémon dressed up as a prize,
I sit here wondering what all the fuss is about,
It’s not my fault you have a few screws loose,
So what is the big deal with this elusive prize?