(The Thursday after “Monday Thoughts”)

There was no sound of crunching gears
No sound of an engine cold and lazy
No rumble in the sky and no shake below
But there was a change of pace that I know

Another day born under a strawberry ripple sky
Still full of a flu virus my bones cried
A house in disorder, so upside down
Changing our house but keeping the town

Not the best of choices in mortar and brick
The neighbourhood might make the muse sick
But we had less options we made mistakes
Now we have a new home to claim a stake

Early in the morning I choose a change of pace
With bags of some things and bags of woe
Now I am washing and wiping away the grime of yesterday
Searching for the white in the cold of you

My body aches ad wants me to stop
But time is against all of my hopes
I still have a day of work to fulfil
Even though I am stressed and feeling blue

As I drive now under the brightly lit sky
I watch women old and young dance on market day
So early in the morning so many high heels
How long did it take them to get their makeup that way?

I feel a change of pace in this changing of seasons
The wind has begun to blow cold air into our lungs
With so many changes and so many doubts
I have a nagging fear I will not work it out

Nothing seems to change but it surely does
Maybe the frame is the same the painting not
In the finer details and in-between the lines
There is a whole lot of change even in this life of mine

Between four unfamiliar walls tonight I will sleep
Will the neighbours behave or be disorderly
My muse already missing the piazza a loss so deep
But we’ve got to move on in a change of pace

As stress tears at my body my patience wears thin
My angry is boiling I cannot give in
My extreme soul is unready to be unleashed
The change of pace is not so friendly in me

I am running on pure adrenalin
I will collapse in a hairy heap
This change of pace a monster
That will put me to sleep

In the distance another rainbow torments
Of the days and the storms to come
The muse has found a ladybird bringing luck
Hoping it will bring peace to me and our new home.