It could be worse the saying goes
But with seven days in a week
It narrows it down somewhat
The freedom and the laughter of a Sunday
Has become a dead end street
The brick wall and the cemented up window
That becomes Monday.

With a little bit of fever
With a little bit of sleep
You hope the boiler sends hot water
To the shower that you really need
There are bags of waste to take out
The service though is not door to door
As you hobble towards the bin men
Your throat is tingling and raw

There is more rubbish to dump today
As you clear away the unwanted and never used
This is what happens when you move house
Emptying the one flat to mess up another
The bags and boxes and dusty ornaments
The cats are worried we leave them behind
As we box and bin and sweep and hoover
This place has never been so clean

Feeling miserably and driving to work
Shattered and hungry, tired and weary
You forgot to buy cereal so you ate a banana
Some ginseng drink to boost your mind
This autumn sun is making you blind
As you watch other drivers get angry
Everyone is annoyed with somebody else
All the negativity seems so funny

Another dark cloud is heading towards you
A rainbow obviously means there is rain
The road is full of dirty potholes
Our square wheels hit another stone again
Nobody wants to go anywhere on a Monday
It is the blackest, bleakest day of the week
That 8 o’clock start is a mountain to climb
With no energy in the reserves of meat

Nothing every goes right on the Monday
We are too distracted with our routine
We forgot to wash our clothes
Now we just make do with something else
No change in the pockets for the vending machine
Our clocking on card is missing in the car
We all go to work looking numb and dishevelled
Looks like we have just left the war.

We all wish we could be somewhere else
Most of us don’t want to be really here
In the end it is just another hurdle in our race
That with some grit we all get in the clear
Some of us are feeling blue and lonely
Some of us are unable to go to work
Everyone has different kinds of freedom
Everyone has that Monday thought.