Today another ebook of my mine got converted to paperback form, hoping and wishing at least ten good people will by it, I have added some extra content to make it fatter.

The Just series of books welcomes a new cub to their family with words of poetry about the glory and the tragedy that you find in our daily lives, there are words of hope to bring people back from the brink of depression when it seems all hope is lost, there are words of truth that have been hidden from the world, words that only can be whispered to one another in the kitchens of families desperate to see a better time, there are words from the past that were brutal and cruel, words that want to be part of a better, brighter future.

This collection of poetry is a stunning, interactive portrait of what this indie poet sees every day, this is like a fairground ride that lashes you from one point of view to another, short stories that are based on facts from the past, some poems document what a cruel world we live in, but no matter how deep the poems get, or how tragic and bloody life becomes, the poet believes in the future , he believes the best is yet to come, that we as humans should unite as one to overcome our struggles to move forward, to unite to move forward out of the dark ages of greed and corruption, of violence and murder to base our future on truth and honesty, so why not read what is here and believe in yourselves.

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