Like many other days we celebrate or recognise even today the 8th of March has for many people lost its significance, we might not be religious people but we celebrate Christmas and Easter , for the masses not the Christmas mass may I add , that period in late December is mainly about getting pissed, spending lots of money on food we don’t normally eat during the rest of the year and spending lots of money on gifts we don’t really need, all this instead of being Christian or spiritual. Why can’t we just spend time with the family and relax away from slavery that is work.

Easter comes around and it is about feasting again and eating a mountain of chocolate, that are full of additives and sugar and will make you sick, obviously Easter eggs arrive in the shops just after the Christmas shopping has finished.

Commercialism is pushing you at every angle the restaurants  brush away the cobwebs in the hope that some man has been twisted into offering a lavish meal on one of the busiest days of the year, if you have ever eaten out on the 14th of February you know that there will be total chaos and not a relaxing moment in sight, all the staff are highly stressed from the whims of the customers who happen to be the most difficult on this busy day, the food is cooked without thought and is either too cooked or not cooked enough, basically you are paying more for less, if you used your brain and ate out a week or too earlier your food will be eatable, the staff pleasant and you might even get a free appetizer for your choice of evening.

So today is the 8th of March, the day when Jackie and her Essex friends can dump the kids on grandma’s lap and all dash down the high street in ridiculously high heels and shockingly short miniskirts, forgetting that there is a cold icy wind blowing around their nether regions, they enter Yates wine bar or a copy of this wine bar and all drinking bottles of Prosecco, then again in this age the Prosecco is on tap and watered down and flat. Having a laugh with the girls is their idea of celebrating International women’s day which basically means everything that somebody fought against, the sight of women plonked down on the pavement at an ungodly hour waiting for a taxi or some rich knight on or in a shiny white Mercedes-Benz, all singing some talent show song with their legs spread wide and leaving nothing to the imagination.

Just remember I am in no way against girls having fun with each other but we should remember what this day means, celebrating the people who have fought hard and long for equal rights and such, this day has been around since 1909 and so we should celebrate it with vigour and courage and not a fake bottle of plonk.

We are social media addicts and good at chatting online, but it only takes one click to look for women who have made a significant change in society, one woman cannot change the world and how the rest of the world thinks of them, but sticking and marching together has pushed their ideas onto the world.

Too many women are beaten, raped, abused, murdered, kidnapped , burnt alive, maltreated in the workplace and women have fought for these crimes to be punished harder and fairer, too many people have been let off lightly because it was “a domestic quarrel”, everyone should be educated and informed on what is acceptable in this modern society.

Who suffers in silence should speak out against their cruelty, who lives in a tight-knit community and is ashamed of bringing the attention onto them because of any sort prejudice would label them as “looking for attention”. We are in 2017 and you should fight without violence to live a life you deserve.

More information on international women’s day.


Darren Hobson is a published poet who writes constantly and truthfully, mixing his palette of words with detail and enthusiasm, he writes about society, the general grind of daily live but also writes short stories about the supernatural and dark fairy tales. He has many eBooks and paperback books on offer why not delve deeper into this artists mind?

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