Where can we go to today?
A storyteller writes away
The sun shines on his features
His fantastic mind at play

A vast array of words
Torment the poet’s mind
Like apples in a wild orchard
Obviously so hard to find

The wind blows carefully
As he moulds his verses with passion
Trying to stick to the truth
Because fact is so out of fashion

The water gurgles from a stream
The writer is in a daydream
The fishes watch on in awe
As the poet he writes some more

Elements are dazzling and amazing
As the loner keeps on writing
When nature calls and whispers secrets
The writer keeps on with the jeepers

A rustle in the hedgerow
Some little wild noses twitch
The paper is being filled with rhythm
Avoiding the deep dark ditch

Surrounded by little beasts at play
With their big ears and cotton wool tails
The writer does not mind the fuss
As he strings words from ceiling to truss

Curious little animals all hopping mad
Wondering why this human is not so bad
He holds a pen and no shotgun in sight
In full view not hidden in the night

Hand in hand the poet and the wild
Carving out a world, wicked or mild
As the weather takes a turn for the worse
The once distracted poet starts to curse

Fleeing the scene jumping like a goat
Zipping up his coat to cover his throat
Diving into the car as the heavens open up
A change of scenery as the rain it pours

Not wanting to drive away from this peaceful place
Not wanting to return to the wretched human race
At odds with men at peace with the bees
Being inspired between natures leaves.

Darren Hobson is a published poet who writes constantly and truthfully, mixing his palette of words with detail and enthusiasm, he writes about society, the general grind of daily live but also writes short stories about the supernatural and dark fairy tales. He has many eBooks and paperback books on offer why not delve deeper into this artists mind?

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