When a dull day gets you dirty and down
You may have a rock over your throbbing head
The people who surround you are ignorant fools
You dream of freedom and sunshine instead

You may be worn down from your inferiority complex
You always pride yourself on making a mountain from a molehill
You better change before I wring your fucking neck
Being insistently pessimistic is certainly no thrill

Don’t look down when you have been brought down to your knees
Just look up and buck up and be what you want to be
Being submissive and obedient comes with too much ease
You should fuck the world and show them your honesty

Rise up!
Stand tall
Smash those chains
See them fall
Don’t lie
Better to cry
Clenched fist
Fight for you
Fight for all

When a dull person is getting animated like a clown
You may feel like smashing your pen into their head
These people are inbred, ignorant, pathetic fools
You dream of culture and history instead

You may have worn out your last of your kick ass shoes
You pride yourself of being as close to honesty as you can be
You better distance yourself from me if I was you
Because being this passionate about life does not come easily

Don’t look away when I am explaining to you who I am
Just shut the fuck up and understand what I am staying
Taking it on the chin and take it like a man
I hope you don’t mind the shit I am saying

Rise up!
Stand tall
Smash those chains
See them fall
Don’t lie
Better to cry
Clenched fist
Fight for you
Fight for all

Persisting wholeheartedly going against the flow
Nibbling at the cake does not make sense to you
You have to explode the myth in the evolutionary window
A bull in a china shop if you know what’s good for you

Gravity is the only matter that should get you down
Smashing through the bullshit like the sledgehammer on ice
You should be the most confident motherfucker in town
Only being totally dominant should be your only suffice

You have to persist with your beliefs to grasp your prophecy
You will gain strength in numbers in addition to being right
The uphill struggle becomes a stroll through tendency
Confidence brewing like a hot drink sipped at midnight

Rise up!
Change direction
Those chains are broken
Evaporated iron
Paid off
Take your ticket
Pocket the change
Dignity worth fighting for
Value in the struggle
Pride wears a chic costume
Important to have a cuddle

So don’t get down when thieves steal your halo
Ignore the negativity in the air as static symphysis
Charge yourself with spiritual ideas let the ideas flow
When punched in the face just reply with a delicate kiss

The rock over your head is not blocking your way out
You are free to speak your mind no matter what
You can even whisper your ideas no need to shout
You are a shock to the system a super megawatt

It is hard to persist and survive
Sometimes you just have to improvise
To reinvent yourself shake the beehive
Society will sting you but don’t close your eyes

Breathe in deeply, breath out slowly
Suck in the fresh air like a Hoover on turbo
Writing without censorship, write so knowingly
Hold your hand out burn your halo
Persistence, resistance keep your distance
Friendly fire, fly by wire, mapped out destiny
Camouflaged reality, shook hands with the enemy
Don’t take it so hard now, the eggs are runny

Persistence will blow a big fucking hole in their ozone
Independence from the plebs who live in their own
Barbaric world of slavery and submission
Obeying rules with the staff of justice beating them down
Even bleeding and dying they still can’t resist
So please friends break away and persist

Persist and go against the flow
Persist and blow away the mundane day
Persist and be free from chains
Persist is the only way.


Darren Hobson is a published poet who writes constantly and truthfully, mixing his palette of words with detail and enthusiasm, he writes about society, the general grind of daily live but also writes short stories about the supernatural and dark fairy tales. He has many eBooks and paperback books on offer why not delve deeper into this artists mind?

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