It was a long time before we knew
The centre of a cold, deep dark forest
With only a dirt track, roots were thick
Played havoc with the asses hooves
The trees protected the secret hamlet
From the fierce icy wind that blew

Just an anonymous natural clearing
Supplied by a crystal clear stream
The small farmland was rich in minerals
Producing food for the locals
It seemed like paradise on earth
It seemed to be a good part of a dream

Unfortunately it was nothing more than a trap
They were all just rats in a porous cage
They all lived with a target on their back
All born to be victims of twisted fate
You are the one that spied on them all
You are have such a negative effect on life

I keep you in and I keep you warm
Your village is ripe with food
The stream runs fresh
I am a deep dark temptress
With my kiss you will feel
With my embrace you will see
It would never be good
To make me your enemy

With a pact with the she-devil
You are free to come and go
But you would be stupid
To try to let any foreigner know
Death to any person who breaks the vow
Torture to anyone who tries to flee
Mutilation to anyone who tries to rise up
You have such a negative effect on me

With the rise of that damned full moon
Teeth will come a ripping
You have to feed the hunger of a wolf
A sacrifice warm and dripping
Just one little slaughter to keep the bitch at bay
She would let you live another damned day
Drag a human lamb to yet another sacrifice
Sedated and brought in from neighbouring towns

You try to ignore the screams in the night
Huddled together a family by candlelight
The nightmare never stops at dawn
Sometimes you wish you were never born
Just pawns in an endless game of chess
Feeding the hunger of something from folklore
Obeying the invisible enemy without a murmur
Forgetting what you heard, forgetting what you saw

I am not hard to please
I swear I won’t tease
With just one tender kiss
The fight will be over
I don’t play with my food
No evil foreplay
I am in for the kill
Then I move away
When I am energised
Someone dies
They are just poor lambs
To an ancient slaughter
Under the full moon
I have the need for blood
If it’s not you
That it would be someone else

Townsfolk confined to the ancient laws of a fiend
Trapped in a cage that could be breached
Trusted to obey this dark temptress
Hoping a permanent solution could be reached
But no one dared to go against the grain
To flee these woods would be so damn insane
Claws would follow you twice as quick
Death to the traitor who tried to quit

How can you outrun such a stealthy predator?
Who makes no sound or wind on the move?
You would be cornered before you reach out-of-town
You have nothing left to prove
You were born to obey unreservedly the dark temptress
Unconditionally without any reprise
You must obey the night gatekeeper
Conforming to the one who never dies
You have no heart and you have no pity
You only have a negative effect on me

Our pact is historical and signed in blood
I hear your heart’s pumping in symphony
I smell your fear as I can smell a rat
Remember there is no escape from me
I sit in the woods watching you all living
I sit in the dark watching you interbreeding
I wait for the full moon to shine on me
Only the sun has a negative effect on me

The king’s soldiers sent to investigate the reason
For all the missing tax payers from the kingdom
Sent into the woods to slay some rabid animal
Never did they think about what was to come
All the kings’ horses and all the kings’ men
Slaughtered and butchered with cunning claws
Smashed into pieces horse and human mashed
The screams of the victims unknown the source

I sit in the woods gathering my thoughts
The massacre has drained some strength from me
It was a blood bath they put up a real good fight
Bathing in blood is the only positive effect on me
I sit in the dark licking over my wounds
Only scratches in my matted fur
Nothing can stop me I am immortal
Not even a shiny solid silver bullet
Can knock me back into hell

The king was furious at a lost battle
Livid at the unknown enemy
Little whispers of an imaginary evil
The king would not obey
Battle after battle the king had lost
Not one soul came home to explain
Demoralised and incensed
He would not send more soldiers in again
Instead he waited for the summer heat
Waited until there was little rain
The forest was fragile, a tinderbox
What he did next was so insane
He set fire to the whole forest
Watched from a vantage point
A massacre of innocent beasts
A whole ecosystem destroyed

Nothing left but cinders
Nothing left to see
What was burnt disintegrated
No evidence such a pity
A hidden village wiped off the map
Even the stream stopped flowing
Nothing left to live in the ashes
Did the king know what he was doing?
The king had destroyed more than the dark temptress could
Even her slaves were protected from his ignorance
He did not understand the balance of power in these parts
He destroyed himself with his blatant decadence

The fatal fire had poisoned the land and air
Deadly ashes falling everywhere
The food that grew could no longer be used
His whole kingdom was hungry and abused
Anarchy and riots shook this land
They had been savaged by a man
The villagers that survived hated the day
The dark temptress fled away
Better a wolf to serve and obey
That what has become here today

The land was torn but not by my hand
Raped and pillaged by an old man
He was their king that became a beast
Fatal mistake to say the least
I become a wanderer
Moving here and there
The ancient pact no longer true
I had to fend for myself
Like I use to do
The land was ravaged
With murder and hate
I swept up the corpses
Take them home with me
I became the hero you use to be
Some people secretly worship me
Sick with all the violence they have seen
They want me back to be their queen

Longing for the darkness to return
Wanting to be watched by you again
Hating the day that the forest burned
Missing you honey and our sacrifice
Looking back your savagery was not all that bad
Until the king took away all that we had
The dark temptress kept us all alive
The king has left us all to die

Do not fear
I am near
I am watching you
I will return
One day
Nothing will be the same
I cannot be the same way
Blood soaked and in turmoil
I do miss your company
Things were more human
Even for a wolf like me

Don’t you see the chaos when someone interferes?
What comes natural may not be clearly nice
But a balance of power and some understanding
And sometimes a moonlit sacrifice
The dark temptress was obviously a blessing
No matter how sharp were her teeth
No we live in a blackened hell, fighting to survive
With no help from the she-wolf to keep us alive

The king had turned our whole world sour
Things are getting desperate by the hour
I wanted you to know, wanted you to see
That fucking king has a negative effect on me.

Darren Hobson is a published poet who writes constantly and truthfully, mixing his palette of words with detail and enthusiasm, he writes about society, the general grind of daily live but also writes short stories about the supernatural and dark fairy tales. He has many eBooks and paperback books on offer why not delve deeper into this artists mind?

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