I float under the surface
My goal is never yours
As you get taken away
With another daily tide
Like I am observing you from under a frozen lake
Your lives they foolishly slip away
Following the crowd getting pushed further
From the truth you always made

Exaggeration is a little to hard
When the big boys turn soft on you
And so little men can dirty their paws
Wise words are worrying the witches
You are the stream always running down hill
I am the one going against the tide
As what flows on the surface can be defined
Can be mapped and mopped up modestly

Undercurrent underneath the waves
Silently and mysterious ways
Not knowing what is known
Just about surviving, just about right

Pond life we skim a slim stone
Casting ripples between the mallards
Flicking with ease the stone strikes a breeze
And the dragonflies mock another ballad
And lilies are so fond to hide
What is deep down on the other side
As the king frog it guards this gate
Undercurrents starting to escalate

Shock waves at what has become
When those on the surface look down
Cracks in the ice from too much emphasis
On living a lie instead of living in bliss
The shortest point between A and B
Is the dullest journey you will see
Down with the fishes in the undercurrent
Taking time to reach a final destination
Should we panic? Now we shouldn’t!
Laughing at the world coming to and fro

Prodding the stream and chasing energetic tadpoles
Extreme sports are blasphemy for the lazy
Seaweed caressing the drivers of the free flow
Water lapping clear and soon it will be hazy
Mist in the depths and fog in the dogma
Coming to a peak and coming to an ocean
Wishing for an end to the tropical cycle
A one tired vessel for a world population

Who can be surreal if it wasn’t so real
Why should the water always flow to the sea
Be like the salmon and return to the point of birth
Never take for granted this mother earth
Stopping to learn as a rock is overturned
A curious kid with a magnifying glass
Curious monstrous angry creatures with claws
Staring back and ready to kick ass

Swimming in the sea never getting anywhere soon
We sat in the depths and caressed by the moon
The tide is a massage and cleanses our dirty shores
Living in the undercurrent forever more
Writing and stapling together a new way to curse
Instead of writing the commercial viable verse
Trying to find some different expressions of me
Showing you the undercurrent that is poetry

Are you on the surface subjected to the norm?
Bleak radiation will keep your average lives in line
As you sit in cardboard houses made up like a dorm
Don’t you really want to taste this life of mine?
It may get lonely in the deep dark depths of despair
But there is more in solitude then you may think
The undercurrent is dragging me blissfully here and there
Never too far away and never too near the brink


Darren Hobson is a published poet who writes constantly and truthfully, mixing his palette of words with detail and enthusiasm, he writes about society, the general grind of daily live but also writes short stories about the supernatural and dark fairy tales. He has many eBooks and paperback books on offer why not delve deeper into this artists mind?

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