Society has become bruised
Trust can be left with no one
Abused easily and sickly
What happened to our society?

Trust in the system
Trust in doctors and nurses
Violated while sedated
By the monster within

Evil is not a zombie
Evil is not Dracula
Evil is your neighbour
Spying on your daughter

Chatting on the web
Chatting via photo
Acting twenty years younger
By the monster within

Little gangs of terror
Drinking and smoking pot
Insulting the passer by
They have lost the plot

Twenty little cunts
Sat drinking a beer at the station
Mocking my beard and grimness
By the monster within

Do we have to travel by train
With a baseball bat hidden in my coat?
Must all women who go to the doctor
Be afraid of the deformed assistant?
Should all the foreigners hide
Because of the colour of their skin?
Raped and beaten
By the monster within

Where are all the policemen?
Why are they so afraid?
We are dealing with a few drunken gypsies,
On the train
No conductor
The poor Indian lad
Beaten to a pulp
For fun!
Where is our security?
To go out with your girl
Why was the man from Morocco?
Bottled in the head
For protecting his love
From the monster within

As the world fears the terrorist
The lone wolf causing agony
Striking at the heart of London
Ripples of panic in the city
Armed policemen extinguished the threat
Too many lives were lost
But here in the middle of nowhere
We also count the cost

Living without any security
A no man’s land at night
Kids racing stolen cars
An anarchist delight
What they can’t steal
They will destroy
Firebombed with no remorse
With nobody to arrest them
Time to take revenge
From the monster within

As the ripples of insecurities reach far and wide
Burglaries are on the up
The police force don’t intervene
Due to all the funding cuts
We have to defend ourselves from the monsters
We will become animals ourselves
The monsters have made us into monsters
Violence is met with violence
Just like in Gotham City
Once one villain wears a mask
Then we mask every one of us

The monsters are everywhere
The monsters are out there
Fed by the lies of the media
Ripples of hate through society
Destroying all of what is the community
Bringing out the monster in me

You! Do you hate all Muslims now that so many people are dead?
Why! Do you let all that propaganda get into your head?
Do you hate all the Irish when they bombed Warrington?
Do you hate Christians for their thousand year crusade?

Don’t feed the monster that is within us
Learn to separate the shit from the rose
Not all people are living monsters
You can’t die just picking your nose
Be afraid but at the same time be secure
Be extra vigilant in all that you do
Don’t go where you don’t need to go
Try to separate yourself
From the monster within you.