She came out of my desert of dreams
She promised never to ever desert me
She spouted promises like a soft potato
Sprouting assurances like a foul cauliflower

She became my drive by lover
Never ever expect her to be
Such a heartless motherfucker
She twisted me around in such a way
A bloody Saint Valentine’s Day massacre
Such a cold dished totake away

She was a knowing gnome sitting seductively on a toadstool
She made a good proposition for a piece of her pie
She wants to sell me venom as some cure-all honey
She never laughed when she tried to be funny

That’s how she became a drive by lover
We was
Sat at distance shooting at one another
One step too far
For this heartless motherfucker
She crossed my wires
And inverted my polar polarity
She infected by soul
With her infectious reality

She was a user of the fine art of lies
She was a spider spinning traps for flies
She was happy she got me caught in her web
She never wanted anything more she said

Read on to see what is a drive by lover
Shooting arrows
From a eightieth century modified cannon
Spraying venom
From this heartless motherfucker
Shrapnel from all ways of life
Quill shooting like a porcupine
Did not realise
How infected was this heart of mine

She was a lost shoe in the last waltz
She was the Cinderella before she got the boot
She was Snow White with perfect imperfections
She was the honey in the money and half way to being cute

She was in a glass formed horse-drawn carriage
And she was being a perfect drive by lover
Catapulting stones from within
Just like a heartless motherfucker
When cracks form from her fragile ride
She rocks the boat
She is a quick thirsty thinker
Who loves to change her mind

She is just an infected open sore
She is just a fucking sadistic whore
She is real in her twisted reality
She saw something perverted in me

She was the open sky and had no regrets
She never paid her bills but was never in debt
She was a roller coaster ride without the safety harness
She was beyond her time her stolen Tardis
She was a five dimensional drive by lover
That didn’t bother to learn my name
She rarely phoned me back
She was such a heartless motherfucker
When she wanted a whole lot more
She spread my morals on the floor
She was a Valentine’s Day heart attack
All my love was not coming back

She was beauty in a rancid nutshell
She was one foot in the bed and half way to hell
She was a potted plant always in flower
She spent all the minutes in fucking every hour

She was the hopscotch in the school yard
She was the festival queen teasing the bard
She was the fusion in a nuclear incident
She was the one way ticket to a vicious accident

She was the drive by lover
With our mouth open wide we failed to shoot her
Possessed my telegraph pole
Morse code lover was a heartless motherfucker
She rubbed you up and rubbed you sore
She would chew you up when she needed more
She was a Valentine’s Day disaster
She lived long and she loved a lot faster

She was the drive by lover
No matter how deflated her tires were
She was moonshine in motion
Bourbon bon-bon was a sour motherfucker
She did it once and she will do it again
There is no gain without the mental pain
She’s a sick twisted girl who could never be a mother
Saint Valentine’s Day massacre and a drive by lover

This poem was heavily influenced by my love of the music of Rob Zombie, head over to his playlist and pump out the song What and then add my words instead of his!! I think I have the Friday feeling, lets go! What?


Darren Hobson is a published poet who writes constantly and truthfully, mixing his palette of words with detail and enthusiasm, he writes about society, the general grind of daily live but also writes short stories about the supernatural and dark fairy tales. He has many eBooks and paperback books on offer why not delve deeper into this artists mind?

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