It was the clearest day on the dirtiest mile
A headache like a drill bit made me smile
A soft wind blew across those naked dunes
There was also a guitar man strumming some tunes

All seemed to be well when up sped a van
Startled the shit out of the guitar man
He broke a chord and almost slashed his throat
He ran off carelessly leaving behind his coat

It was a gas station forgotten by most of mankind
Never made a killing on the produce, well never mind
But in walked two bums with a baklava mask
Two dumb skinny fucks, before you care to ask

They thought they would steal a dime from a diner
They did not expect to find a nest of the living dead
So dark and windowless the scene turned glum
They would never walk out again with their head

How could they be to blame if they were born 5000 miles away?
They were just passing through needing money for some fuel
They had gotten away with murder so far on this road trip
Sometimes there are no happy endings when you magnify the rules

Now none of the locals liked being trespassed on
None of those hillbillies wanted a gun pointing at them
When the cowboys cracked their lifeless knuckles
We knew the end was coming in a murderous way

A walking jackal made sure those boys were locked in
Its teeth were green and showed when it lit up a grin
So dark inside you could only make out some bloodshot eyes
Soon enough things turned worse judging by their cries

The law was something that did exist in this seaside resort
Not many people dared to even take a peek at the beach
But when some surfers found a pleasant spot to ride the waves
They could not understand why this place was so out of reach

As they lit a campfire and set up for the night
Something caught their eye and gave them a fright
The shadows were playing tricks on them thanks to the weed
They turned in for the night this is what they need

They dreamt of the waves and being king for a the day
They were helpless when the jackal’s friends dragged them away
Strapped to their surfboards and held upright
They were a target for the ghouls throughout the night

How could they be to blame if they were born 5000 miles away?
They were just young fools look for another high
They social media accounts were full of their conquests
They were tortured to death but don’t ask me why

A surreal scene like a dead man tells no tales
Nothing on the road but some rusty nails
Just in case someone wanted to take the scenic route
Flat tires needed mending like a ripped parachute

How could the passer-by be to blame if they were 5000 miles away?
They did not expect to fall into such a savage trap
There daydreams turned to a nightmare when they realised the scam
Those ghastly nasty ghouls they did not give a damn

How could they survive in what is a promised land
Where every thief and murderer walks their time
How could they leave these beasts there to fester?
Why should they not be ever punished for their crimes?

It was the longest stretch of road that I hoped not to see
Such peaceful and desolate this place by the sea
So run down and not a police car in sight
If you think it looks eerie why not come by at night?

There is a well of evil and whole tank of death
If you want a coffee you better hold your breath
Don’t ask what is on the menu because that’s a surprise
Because you are in the pot, boiling until you burst your eyes

So be careful if you come from 5000 miles away
Not everything in this neighbourhood is as it seems
Be careful not to walk too far or go astray
You will be ravaged relentlessly even in your dreams

Darren Hobson is a published poet who writes constantly and truthfully, mixing his palette of words with detail and enthusiasm, he writes about society, the general grind of daily live but also writes short stories about the supernatural and dark fairy tales. He has many eBooks and paperback books on offer why not delve deeper into this artists mind?

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