Some of us lead ordinary lives
Far away from the eyes of crime
We do our best to survive the day
We do little more than kill the time

The mafia to these sane people
Are from Hollywood films on repeat
They don’t know the tragedies of Italy
The bloodied victims in the unforgiving heat

The victims have a name and a phone number
Their pursuit is a daily occurrence
The victim lives in fear every single day
The mafia and its sick vengeance
The terrorist targets no single person
The evil it unleashes is a random lottery
Who dies between the wheels of their trade
Could be somebody, could be anybody

The fight inside is fought behind closed doors
The battle outside hits without warning
Every death is a tragic waste of humanity
Every day a sick event is dawning

Why did he have to shoot her in the workplace?
Full of children now traumatised for life
Why did they have to unleash weapons so evil?
Killing and maiming children inflicting strife

A war between mafia families is unpredictable
But most of the time innocents are spared their murder
With terrorists and anarchists the outcome is severe
The fight outside is far more dangerous

Weapons of mass destruction being polished
Being warmed up and pointed to the sky
They may or may not reach their intended destination
The only thing certain is innocent people will die

How many innocent people have been injured by the bombs?
Planted by the once strong IRA
Now trucks are launched into terrified shopping crowds
Killing and maiming in such a cowardly way

They launched 59 tomahawk missiles at an airfield
I think they lost their mind and lost their target
I find it hard to see how little damage was done
Was this just another charade from the idiot Trump?

So many conspiracies so many cover ups
So many things in this world just don’t add up
A terrorist drives a vehicle into a Christmas fair
Well planned out except for the fact he left his documents there

Why would a terrorist leave his credentials on display?
How did the rookie Italian policeman shoot him quickly down?
Why did it take hundreds of bullets to slay the Nice terrorist?
Why did the guards in London shoot so late?

This is the fight outside, government information
Is all government lies, recycling the hatred
Placing different factions against each other
Grinding out a new war, money can be made from bloodshed
Missiles and bombs is a profitable business
Armoured cars for the designer of the feud
World leaders chatting online by Facebook
Putin and Trump playing out a new type of chess
All making money from the death of someone nameless
The oilfields and gas fields fall into the same hands of the superpowers
We sit at home and watch on live TV the mesmerising violence
Watching the fight outside on our huge fucking televisions
Full volume, surround sound listen to those bullets clinking
Sound so pure you can hear the bones and sinews shattering
Hear the children puking up their lives as they die to entertain you
Turn on your lights of your drafty cold houses
Turn up the heat in your houses to beat the cold
Demand more energy from the grid to supply your pathetic needs
Sit in your V6 petrol dependant vulgar cars
You are the reason they are dying
You are the reason for the fight outside
Your consumerism is like a zombie consuming the living
You have destroyed Iraq, Libya and now Syria
You want some more of that commercialism?
Sipping your cocafuckingcola as your Facebook newsfeed turns red
Wishing for Christmas as Syria counts its dead
Looking away shyly from your 24h newsreel
As they take dead babies out of another school shooting
Violence breeds violence for fucks sake
You demand all these live titbits of torture
Facebook is promoting rape by hashtag
Twitter is advertising for a war yet to be
Send me your photos of the vilest act of cruelty
Every government that has ever existed has lied
This is the real fight, that fight going on outside

Sometimes I am not here to entertain you, I am here to inform you of the truth, no matter how painful it is.


Darren Hobson is a published poet who writes constantly and truthfully, mixing his palette of words with detail and enthusiasm, he writes about society, the general grind of daily live but also writes short stories about the supernatural and dark fairy tales. He has many eBooks and paperback books on offer why not delve deeper into this artists mind?

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