I stand here under a gorgeous blue sky
The spring sun warms us from the cold
As I stand here I did not expect to die
I expected, like the others to grow old

That blue sky that used to be my friend
Now filled with tiny specks of light
From here the scene looked so pretty
Deep down inside it did not feel right

In that blue sky I now see smoke trails
Alarmed I almost stop breathing
Once I was a young boy, I dreamed
I was a rocket man but now I am screaming

I am not the only one looking now to the sky
Panic envelopes everyone around me
It seems so surreal, it seems like slow motion
Rockets are closing in now, no time to lose my dignity

Who shot these missiles into the blue sky?
I doubt I will ever know about it
I won’t be around to read the news
I will be just another victim of it

Some people start to run and shelter from the blue sky
Most of us know that there is no place to hide
Thinking many things, flashbacks to better skies
Just a victim of another government that had lied

Now those foul arrows pour out of the blue sky
I can almost make out their serial numbers
No doubt assembled in some British factory
Tuned up in somebody’s backyard

Now that blue sky is empty of the missiles
That was the very worst thing for me
The ground started to tremble as the payloads exploded
I saw buildings start to crumble and fail
A sickly breeze and a huge dust cloud blocked my view of the blue sky
As I choked on fragments I felt my swollen lungs burning
Feeling sadness now, as I started to feel weak
I damn the whole world race for never ever learning

I won’t see the blue sky any more
I am crumpled up in agony and pain
Tasting blood now as I fall to the floor
How many people today have been slain?

Another town wiped of the map no need for the blue sky
History is lost but what is the real cost?
My life was mine and it was never yours
You took our blue sky and our lives away

Will anyone know of what really happened here today?
Chemical deaths covered up for the world’s news
No need to know the details no need to know the names
When murder is on the agenda we just play war games

Maybe the dust will settle, maybe the toxins disperse
But will my lifeless bones ever have a decent burial?
Nobody will take blame for giving the command of death
I hope those bastards will be forever in denial

I just wanted to see, a beautiful spring sky
I did not know that I was about to die
Thinking of humanity, what it did to me
It burnt my soul and left me like an empty sack
Discarded like rubbish on what was a thoroughfare
Now weeds grew between the unclaimed rubble
Nothing to state how many people were murdered there
Why do our lives belong to those who treat us so unfair?

As you know I condemn all attacks of aggression from the military, the terrorist, the mafia and the government, in the end they are all the same entity.

Darren Hobson is a published poet who writes constantly and truthfully, mixing his palette of words with detail and enthusiasm, he writes about society, the general grind of daily live but also writes short stories about the supernatural and dark fairy tales. He has many eBooks and paperback books on offer why not delve deeper into this artists mind?

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