When I am frustrated
When I am not in the mood
I take my cap off
Before I become too rude
I am an emperor of nonsense
The king of what once was
I wear a cap to focus
No reason to, just because

I take my cap off
But not to salute fine folk
I change my attitude and stare
I become distant and unfair
Like you change your clothes for disco
Like you strip to get laid
I take my cap off
I don’t beg to get paid

I change my direction
When the wind becomes too much
I don’t want my cap to blow away
My lucky cap is here to stay
In the heat of summer
It is unbearable to wear
Sweat drips from forehead into my eyes
Leading me nowhere

When passion has an alibi
When masks are the rage
I take my cap off to assess the damage
I write it down page by page
I undress for sunset
When I am sure the day is through
My hands tingle with life
Writing verses just for you

You hide behind expensive sunglasses
But I can still feel your stare
I take my hat off to acknowledge you
As you dash off somewhere
Cheap plastic accessories are not armour
You are see-through like your clothes
I take my hat off as empty joke
Just to keep the enemy on its toes

You follow trends like a horse pines for the carrot
You talk is repetitive you sound just like a parrot
I take my hat off but not in way to salute you
I am showing you a different way to rebuke you
I am not saying that I am better or worse than you
Maybe I perform my life in a different way
I take my hat off to adjust my view
But that does not mean I like the things you say

I am juggling with a burning hot potato
I am dribbling with a deflated rugby ball
I take my cap off before I shoot for glory
Knowing that I will surely fall
Taking all the ingredients I have collected
The hand me downs and cut offs
I take my cap off to figure out how
Knowing that somebody else will have the last laugh

I censor out all of my intoxicated day dreams
I entwine bad medicine in-between the seams
I take my cap off to adjust the playing field
Another fallow meadow in the peak of its condition
Judging the outcome when indoors
Irate when plans are not met no more
I take my cap off and stamp on it again
Swelling my aching head with agony and pain

Just once I tried to plan out a perfect way
To follow the crowd and come out to play
Nobody passed me the ball nobody knew my name
I was stood like a wet daisy in what seemed torrential rain
I definitely stood out like a dumb sore thumb
I wanted to cry and I wanted to run
But I got inspiration I threw my cap into the mix
I tackled the school bully beating the old dog with its tricks

So don’t ever think that you are prettier or better than me
Then again don’t ever think that I think that of myself
I am just another stubborn boy still wearing his cap
Just fighting a thing called life just like everybody else
If you think that I think I am on a different and special plain
Don’t judge e like this ever again
I am just an underdog just trying to figure out what is right
Closing the curtains after I’ve blessed you goodnight!

Darren Hobson is a published poet who writes constantly and truthfully, mixing his palette of words with detail and enthusiasm, he writes about society, the general grind of daily live but also writes short stories about the supernatural and dark fairy tales. He has many eBooks and paperback books on offer why not delve deeper into this artists mind?

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