Waking up every morning with your blinkers on
Never looking back
Never looking ahead
Mind games, mind fucked, mind drained, mind mad

Digger deeper into what were your dreams
Nothing is ever what it seems
Tunnelling down what could be despair
Following the crowd, following the sheep
Following what seems right, not following me

You can’t make a choice you don’t have that option
You did not download the available application
Blindfolded and gagged you engage a downward spiral
Not knowing that you always were in denial

Tunnelling down into the soft ground
Living what you thought was a protected life
Tunnelling down into a live mine field
Balancing toxic bombs on a knife
Bullied everyday you’re a blind like a mole
Tunnelling down into an eternal hole
Cannot breathe without a machine
Yet there is nowhere to plug it in

I would be screaming if I were you
But you are numbed by all what you do
An invisible gun pointed at your head
You think your mind has exploded to red
You have already accepted the consequences
You cannot see through the filthy lies
You are tunnelling down with hands and broken nails
There is no twinkle left in your eyes
With no money
And no real friends
Is this really
How life ends
Never got around
To counting down
Never addressed the need
Forgot to read
Nothing but shit between the ears
You’re already dead
You’ve made you grave
Deeper than most
You were just a slave
Buried alive you can’t breathe
Coughing in your man-made coffin
Why aren’t you screaming?
Is there not enough air in your lungs?
You should be fucking furious
How you lived out your life!

All the wish lists and the shit lists
And all the time you thought of getting out
Still in a nest and fed by the chicks
No independence so fucking sick
Technology override can’t think for your self
Don’t you realise you need some help
Stop tunnelling down with your blinkers on
Hold your head up high son!

It’s like your live your life
Following imaginary lines
Like the wiped out crowd
Coming out of the coal mines
Not realising how filthy they have become
You can’t wash the soot from your lungs
No mask will ever hide you from him
Do you really regret being dead so young

All the industry and all the power
Destroying lives hour after hour
Caved into factories nine to five
Being a hounded slave to keep alive
Plugging into the weakened system
That the government purposely brought down
Pushing you from one dead-end to another
In this repulsive relocated new town

Keep on singing in your head
Keep on swinging in the fake sunlight
Keep on pushing the rusty merry-go-round
Not realising if it’s day or night
Tunnelling away into heaps of despair
Going around circles catch your fucking tail
Tunnelling into what should not have been
Why don’t you realise this is not fair!

This is not a fairy tale
This will not have a happy ending
Swallowing the bitter pill
Not knowing that things could be better
Don’t ever accept second best
You could be better than the rest
You are not a robot not a clone
Turn off the internet put down the phone

How many lies have they placed in your head?
Don’t you realise they prefer you brain-dead
Nothing but a living zombie being fed rotten meat
Nothing but an asshole looking down at his feet
Shuffling along as if wearing a ball and chain
Half way to hell and two-thirds insane
When will you ever realise
That you could be a certain human again!

But you keep tunnelling down
Into the imaginary ground
As the hole gets deeper
Your woes get heavier
It is like all the mud and shit
Is poured into a bottomless rucksack
That you carry on your broken back
You should be fucking screaming
But it looks like you gave up breathing
That long dark evil tunnel
That toxic tunnel forever scraping with bloodied hands
And there is no escape from there