There is no book of instructions
And the warranty was never rubber stamped
The model is out of date and somewhat worn
How can you live if you heart is torn?

If I knew this was coming I would have headed the other way
If you said I was in lucky in love I would hide all day
When things go wrong for me I sort of tend to drift
Because I am messed up and my heart is on the graveyard shift

Nothing is deader that what I hold dear
I buried my emotions in a Victorian cemetery
If I could understand what love feels like for you
I would sell my soul to a troll without pleasantries

As the mist comes down on my love life
And all that sentimental crap entombed
There is no epitaph to what I bury here
No gravestone either because there is no room

Corpses are not the only things rotting away
My heart and soul can’t survive another day
I don’t know how long I have left
Especially when my heart Is beating the graveyard shift

Silence of the night
Wraps around my soul
Trying to fit in
And trying to feel whole
Trying to understand
Trying to figure out
Upset with the cosmos
Overflowing with doubt

Trembling with fear
You look into the unknown
Bitten by a love zombie
Opportunity’s blown
Vampires suck the life out of you
Leaving you drained and blue
Cut to the bone and more
Mentality depleted and sore

Way past midnight
The cemetery gates creek
Entwined into the labyrinth of the internet
Like you have been all week
Searching for the answers
Searching for a goal
Colliding with false psychopaths
Who are willing to sell your soul

Hiding behind makeup and a false address
Longing for the wrong person to virtually undress
Cyberspace junkie drugged to the teeth
Not knowing of the jagged rocks lying beneath
Skating on thin ice and wading into the pond
Looking for a destiny by waving a magic wand
All the ghosts of the future twist with the spectres of the past
Breaking out in an epic rash , how long can you last?

When an owl hoots in alarm from a nearby tree
Knocking you out of your daydream come nightmare
As you sit on the old witches worn out grave
Still angry because life seems so unfair

With no route through the maze of relationship
Just dead flowers and weeds galore
Can just one gardener make a difference in such ruins?
Why do we have to stay some more?

When poison ivy is so evident
And the roots travel ten miles down
How can a lazy reptile like me survive
When I have been spat at from all around

With a reputation that is dead and buried
Nobody will touch me with a barge pole
There will be no Frankenstein pulse to reignite
When I am so alone and without a soul

With so many demons in my conscience
And with so many heartless witches in my past
I need to reinvent myself with a seismic shift
But still my heart is on the graveyard shift

When I think about you
When I think about me
I get so frustrated
Not knowing my destiny
With just one platonic kiss
With just one repulsive embrace
Your toxic breath knocks me back
As our tongues they interlace
Mingling with the hatred in your eyes
I know I am the one that you despise
You did it for a bet such a cruel beast
One last shock as I buried you with ease
Bullying is not only about punching
This crime is not just words to harm
Sometimes the actions are far crueller
Spinning your foul thread and yarn

Laughing at me as you run back to your friends
Thinking you got the better of me
So tell me little miss Muffet why was your heart racing
When your placid tongue was deep inside of me
Did you forget that you were actual heartless?
Did you forget to shut off the twinkle in your eye?
Judging by the way that black heart was beating so
You wanted a little more of me

Just one stepping stone in this pond of despair
You are trapped in ice and look prettier there
As I tread carefully and try to not spring the traps
I am a demon driver about to finish his last lap
Caught in the act under the pale moon light
Thinking out loud on this cruel and frosty night
Hounded by the wolves that wear uniforms by day
A kid at school falls silent with so much to say

As I sweep away the lost days of a thousand tears
Socially corrupt and forever creating despair
Totally withdrawn from the crowded bank of life
Peer pressure to succeed and to find a wife
It is not everyone’s dream to work nine to five
To pay for all the wife’s hidden agendas
So much to lose when there is nothing to win
Starting at the end when you have nowhere to begin

As I stand here digging like a dog in the dirt
Burying my past mistakes and eliminating the hurt
So depressing keeping all these feelings on tap
Following the flow and looking like crap
Taking a break and sending my boner on vacation
My bones are weak from carrying all this anxiety
Doing everything and anything to give my soul a lift
So I sent my heart to work the graveyard shift


Darren Hobson is a published poet who writes constantly and truthfully, mixing his palette of words with detail and enthusiasm, he writes about society, the general grind of daily live but also writes short stories about the supernatural and dark fairy tales. He has many eBooks and paperback books on offer why not delve deeper into this artists mind?

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