Sitting in your  corner of your parents’ house
Getting high on your Facebook feed
Scrolling down the pathetic comments and games
Watch videos of how easily people bleed
Joining any old community just for fun
Your only intention is to flirt for a while
You don’t care of the content of the group
You have a heart that is so vile

You have no reason to make a protest
You just follow along with the trend
A retweet is good enough to show your support
You will get the message in the end
You have no joy in watching the evening news
Social media is all what you need to know
Living with your dumb head buried deep in the sand
The meaning of life you still don’t understand

You don’t really know what is really going on out there
All the death and violence and horror
You just wait for the next provocative selfie to appear
I really think you need a cold shower
You only listen to Bodycount to laugh at the language
All those curse words making you smile
You don’t see the depth and the protest in the text
You still have a heart that is so vile

Don’t you understand you have been permanently sedated?
The high-speed network sponsored by your government
Millions of people like you doped by the temptation of one another
Keeping you off the streets where the really protest is.
Once upon a time there were youth clubs in a tight-knit community
What when down in the neighbourhood was not wrote down
When things took a turn for the worst we stood side by side
We showed our support from the other side of town

Today a protest is for some is only silence
Today a protest for some is only violence
Some people protest with an unseen tweet
There are no more safe protests on the street
Fueled by the need to be somebody
Scarred of losing the public appeal
You don’t care of neglect or distrust
You only care about your next meal

Sat in your social heaven
Ignoring the damning news
You are only interested in social reaching
With a post that will get you more views
Sat in your cocoon feeling safe
Hiding away from the human race
Protesting is a thing from the past
We can’t fight for justice and have a blast

Are you happy with the way they treat you
Contaminating your food and your brain
Sending out radioactive waves dressed up as Wi-Fi
Sign on the dotted line to become insane
The information you hold is what they want you to see
All the hidden details are not for you to feel
The whole world is basically fucking you over
The new generation has lost their balls of steel

Do you realize that people are actually dying fighting
Trying to find freedom from the tyrants that govern them
While you are getting sick munching on modified foods
Chatting with some stranger to get an emotional high
Do you realize the torment that comes from those live images
Of the aftermath of earthquakes and hurricanes
These are real people it is not reality TV
To them it is harsh reality not a fucking game

To have your whole history erased in one sodding storm
To have your brand new care blown up a century old tree
All those hours of overtime to gain you little luxuries
Destroyed in a moment and captured on video for free
When you protest against the criminal insurance firms
When you stand in dirty clothes waiting for the nations help
All you are is another personality on a social feed
Your plight and homelessness has just gained another like

Do you have anything to comment write it below
Or be a man and protest what you feel
Fight with words don’t fight with your fists
Strike at the heart of the argument be real,
Too many people have so much to say
But what they’re saying is written down elsewhere
Basically you are confessing directly to the enemy
Now tell me , do you really think that it is fair.

Be a rock in your community protest your heart out
Drag real friends into the open and become a team
With brainpower and devotion you could start a movement
Justice for all is not such a faraway dream
Abandon the diseased and melodramatic social media
Leave the screen and get in the community green
Support one another and with debate you will grow
Unlike in your bedroom where you are never seen
Protest there is a need for people to stand side by side
The whole worlds governments are taking us for a ride
It is time to say no, or not any more
It is time to pull justice up from off the floor
Protest is about standing together and tall
It is not about a video or link on a social feed
It is too easy to share , what did you gain?
Unplug yourself from Facebook
Plug into the world

Darren Hobson is a published poet who writes constantly and truthfully, mixing his palette of words with detail and enthusiasm, he writes about society, the general grind of daily live but also writes short stories about the supernatural and dark fairy tales. He has many eBooks and paperback books on offer why not delve deeper into this artists mind?

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