Got a little parasite
Growing inside of me
It is brewing cocktails
Of hatred and envy
Twisting life into paranoia
Severing mild thoughts
Turning my world upside down
Erasing everything I was taught

Get out of me!

When I start to settle
And see the world in colour
It wakes up to mock me
Making my vision duller
Chewing at the good vibes
Biting down on good will
Choking at my fresh steps
Making me sick and ill

Get out of me!
This is not allowed
Get out of me
For crying out loud!

Just when I started to feel the sun
And I start to calm down
I feel a twitch and turn inside me
Destroying the confident clown
A mega eyed demon
So small yet so strong
Chomping on the bit of hope
I was trying to move along

Get out of me!

An exorcism would be a real treat
As I trip on the Ouija board
I spill my drink of life all over you
From the peasant I become a lord
But as I pick up speed like a train
I start to feel sick and giddy
I hit the buffers that appear from nowhere
The train set off when I was not ready

Get out of me!
This is so unfair
Get out of me!
Take me there…

Just longing to string together
A couple of positive brighter days
But something clamps the wind out of me
It seems to happen always
Fighting with my subconscious
Sliding down a blackened rainbow
Battling to get out of my deep dark winter
Longing for sun when all it does is snow

Tripping and trapping with the man traps
Snapping and snipping away at my snipers
Pruning and probing at my wilted roses
Shunning and shunting my wagons of despair
Torturing and tutoring my blind side
Dousing and dancing on my own grave
Battling and baiting the parasite in me
Boasting and boosting what seems so naive

Get out of me!
I don’t need you here!
Get out of me
Soul sucker fried rice

Having fun on yet another cloudy May-day
Waiting the storm to come in from the west
Yet the skies turned blue above my head
But the storm inside me was such a pest
When everything was serene and almost clear
A knot of anxiety overwhelmed my soul
Feeling desperate and hyperactive
I find it hard to stand still by the window

Get out of me!

When I should be relaxing I am in such pain
The parasite is bursting with delight
I should be happy surrounded by such people
But my thoughts keep me awake at night
So many self-placed obstacles to clear
I have dug so many deep dark pitfalls
I was directed to the edge of my sanity
I hurtled myself into many spiking walls

Get out of me!
Worm out of the worm hole
Get out of me
Destroyer of the soul

When I have so many things to write about
The parasite drags me down to the grim and grind
I should be writing about clarity and positivity
But instead I am writing about the stains in my mind
For the reader it has become a bit too repetitive
As the poet rewrites the same old song and verse
They are getting fed up of all the self-twisted souls
The parasite has made this bard perverse

Get out of me!
Parasite little worm
Get out of me
Positivity will make you squirm!
Get out of me!
I write another way
Get out of me!
No matter what you say
Get out of me!
Get out of me!
Get out of me

Darren Hobson is a published poet who writes constantly and truthfully, mixing his palette of words with detail and enthusiasm, he writes about society, the general grind of daily live but also writes short stories about the supernatural and dark fairy tales. He has many eBooks and paperback books on offer why not delve deeper into this artists mind?

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