I was having such a strange day,
I was absolutely one thousand miles away
My anxiety was sandpapering my pride
I was not waxing my photogenic side

I was driving hard and I had the sun in my eyes
I had lost my sunglasses somewhere along the way
I did not notice anything different with life
Then something strange turned up to make my day

I noticed on my windscreen a strange little pink slip
So I started cursing and screaming out loud
I pulled over thinking of a parking fine
I was already feeling miserable without a doubt

On this sunny day there was a strange rain cloud
It started pissing down on me
When I took the slip I opened it wide
That is when weakness came over me

It was not a parking fine or note from a parking mistake
The note was hand written in a feminine form
There was no fine to pay, so I shouted hooray!
Because there was a love note on my windscreen

So here was a mystery
Now who could this be
Hope she was not being mean
Love note on my windscreen

I had only parked the car
For fifteen minutes or so
I bought some plain white pizza
I was hungry and needed a roll

I wasn’t living in this part of the world
I was driving through as you do
So who could see me
Someone I didn’t see
Put a love note on my windscreen

Maybe she messed up
Put in on the wrong car
Or maybe she was short-sighted
Or just a little colour blind
Placing a love note on my windscreen

I turned my clapped out car around
I headed on back into town
I parked the dirty car
In the exact place I did before
Waiting for another love note on my windscreen

Time it passed so slowly
Another fifteen minutes past
I gobbled down the stale pizza
It was horrible but it went down fast
No other love note on my windscreen

Maybe she was near and fooling me
Maybe she was shy and did not want to be caught
So out of the car I strolled over to a bench
I plonked myself down hoping it didn’t rain
Still no more love note on my windscreen

Maybe this was my turn for some old-fashioned luck
Maybe lightning had flashed and someone had become love struck
Still no rustling in the hedgerows no stalker in the mist
I was getting bored sitting here and started to get miffed

What had I missed and what was the surprise?
I was longing to see the culprit with stars in her eyes
I was thinking many things and limitless possibilities
That is when something took a hold on me
For that damned note on my windscreen

I noticed someone walking with what could be a pack of brochures
But something seemed familiar I decided to get closer
It seemed the usual immigrant being used for handing out flyers
He had a marvelous smile just like a romantic charmer
Love note on my windscreen?

As I was about to address him for why he was smiling
I noticed every sodding car with the same pink slip
So what I read was just a plain advertising campaign?
I felt such an idiot and wanted to get out quick
Bloody love note on my windscreen

He noticed my erratic confused state
He watched me getting a little irate
That is when he start to explain it all to me
In the end it was not all negativity
Ha, love note on my windscreen

He said he was not here to beg and not here to steal
He just wanted people to smile and to start to feel
Spread a little happiness , eradicate a bit of loneliness
A little mystery mixed with some history
Love note on my windscreen

He meant no harm, the man had charm
He just wanted people to feel warm and fuzzy inside
He said
I just wanted people to feel wanted, unlike me
I feel such an outsider in this marvelous country
It was just a little note, I wrote it myself
I hope you don’t think bad of me
Ha! Love note on my windscreen

I was smiling I was trying to out grin him
I shook his hand said thanks and went on my merry way
I was not cross I was quite amused
I met someone so charming and friendly
Love note on my windscreen

With just a little thought and a slip of paper
He had made my soul shine for a few words of praise
So if you park your car and receive a pink slip
It might not be a fine better double-check always
Love note on my windscreen

As I drove away
As the night turned to day
I was glad I met a new friend
Love note on my wind screen

What would you have done?
Shook his hand or cursed?
Accept the love and move on
With your new love note on your windscreen

Darren Hobson is a published poet who writes constantly and truthfully, mixing his palette of words with detail and enthusiasm, he writes about society, the general grind of daily live but also writes short stories about the supernatural and dark fairy tales. He has many eBooks and paperback books on offer why not delve deeper into this artists mind?

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