After a day of torment and torture
After hours of gaining new enemies
When blood stains are washed away
And you decide to dress up elegantly

When stars are not the only thing twinkling
The moon is now the light in your eyes
It is time to leave the objects of torture at home
Where friends are found and nobody dies

When the sun has left and gone down
It is time to have a night out on the town
Hidden in the crooks and crannies forgotten by mankind
In the damp sewers there is a party to find

With all the monstrosities that are on the guest list
There is no venom tonight in the spiders bite
Alien life forms are not telepathically devising
They won’t be conquering the world tonight

Moths wings are almost burnt by the naked candlelight
There is something romantic with the old-fashioned glow
No human form is invited to this underground gathering
Because there are too many things they should not know

With jolly faces and merry stroked personalities
Laughing at all of the crimes that have done
Reading out aloud the humans newest type of fiction
So far from the truth like the earth is from the sun

During the day these beasts could be cruel and barbaric
Reminiscing of all the battles throughout the years
Cursed to live out some kind of horror for eternity
But in here they can let down their hair

With this entourage mingling in the forgotten bunkers
The old order can let their guard down
As darkness and damp are a comforting atmosphere
For them it is a great night out on the town

The witches may cackle but they are without flight
There is no cauldron to boil innocent children in
There is a weird type of innocence in here tonight
All lords and masters, wizards and lepers all partying

When the ancient forests were burnt or harvested
The nocturnal beasts had nowhere to go
When underground rivers and manmade canals were found
That is when the forgotten breed started the show

It could be surreal as theatre or strangely weird in a play
A circus of horrors that cannot be overrated
These demons love the night when the sun is away
A thousand years of afterlife has left them frustrated

When the vampire nips out for a quick bite
It is not your neck but some French hors d’oeuvres
The wolfman got drunk and howls at a plastic moon
There has never been a greater party on earth

They are the weeds of this mixed society
But no one would dear to pluck them out
They’re left to their own devices underground
There is no need for you to scream or shout

They don’t wear masks or makeup to hide grotesque faces
They don’t wear jewelry to show what they are worth
For them it is a simple life with no frills or fancy
A night out on the town is the best feeling on earth

There are never any rules or closing time
The monsters know when they have munched too much
As time passes slowly in the wide spaces of infinity
You will never see a demon out to lunch

It is time to leave and go back to the day job
Axes are sharpened and maces are weighed up
The unforgiving stench of blood and hunger
Of evil ways and virgin souls to corrupt

This is a hidden world in a secret garden
A bright party where the sun never shines
Hidden in the forgotten corners of a putrid society
Between artifacts and Christian shrines

The devil does not party put sure does dance
A siren song will put you in a deep trance
There is nothing up when somethings going down
They swapped torture for a night on the town.

Darren Hobson is a published poet who writes constantly and truthfully, mixing his palette of words with detail and enthusiasm, he writes about society, the general grind of daily live but also writes short stories about the supernatural and dark fairy tales. He has many eBooks and paperback books on offer why not delve deeper into this artists mind?

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