When you have an European final playing out in Wales
After the Manchester tragedy the world holds it breath
Hoping that another commercialised prestige event
Does not result in another untimely death

When all eyes are on the illustrious cup
The old lady let it slip from their grasp
When Ronaldo pockets another medal
This time it could be his last!

Saturday night time to relax and sing
Another busy working week has passed
Watching the television live from Cardiff
As another foreign team do a victory lap

On a bridge, on the Thames something was not right
On the concrete span that bridged north to south
Someone with a mission with contempt for the west
A night out in London with a fake suicide vest.

What came on the breeze from the foul waters of the Thames
Was nothing compared to the fragrance above
The stench of a terrorist locked into combat mode
Armed to the teeth and brainwashed and dead

Looking down wind and you can see the hate in their eyes
You can tell from a mile they have been radicalised

Driving their hired van swerving to and fro
Striking innocent victims who did not know
That they were about to die
They had no time to say a prayer
They had no time to call on home
Not even time to cry

Before the bystanders had time to think to what had begun
Two seconds before they were drinking and having fun
Now they are watching this horror unfold
Watching three individuals so cruel and cold

Running for your lives ,running as fast as you can
Running in the capital , the blind leading the blind,
Screams from behind you and the sirens wail
Terrorised with a terrorist on your tail

The fragrance of the night has changed
Cancelling out the perfume of the food and wine
Now unwanted tears and crimson blood mix in the gutter
Trying to hold on to this life of mine

Shouting in the street, all hell breaks loose
Terror on the menu and random attacks
Rodeo scene we are the cow in the noose
We have the hatred of the east on our backs

It seems to last forever, it seems I ran marathon
My heart it pounds in protest
Gunshots nearby I am scared and I cry
It seems the world is about to end

Why did this have to happen again?
How could this happen in the heart of all things?
Where these people on a government wanted list?
Where is the justice and the iron fist?

As shocked victims lay bleeding and in need of help
Armed police had eliminated the threat
Eight minutes to send the terrorists on their way
A nation again in mourning and angrily upset

As the fragrance entwines with the bustle of the city
Another arrow shot aimlessly at the heart of liberty
Fatalities again and it is always the beautiful lives
That are taken away from us so brutally

Why did their lives have to end this way?
How could this happen to such a kind soul?
Didn’t they realise when they killed in name of their god?
That they took our angels away?

The politicians are safe in their bullet proof glass houses
Every statement from Number 10 is part of their electoral campaign
Voting day was just days away
Every word analysed for political gain

Fast forward to a British election day
Voting for the heartless cunt called Teresa May
And the lefties stole all of your plums
That is what you get when you stick to your guns

She thought we were hung on to her every word
She wanted an election so she could be preferred
Now the government is hung what a surprise
This is what you get when you spin out lies

Now the loving victims will be buried one by one
Too many coffins under the unforgiving summer sun
And the roses are slaughtered for a religious cause
The fragrance of the flowers is as powerful as before

Can we stop the terror from touching our friends?
Can we live and hope that this now ends?
I don’t want to hear of war no more!
This is every day now and worse than before!

All in the name of some extremist idea
All around the world we live in fear
Even in Iran they have slaughtered mankind
Shedding blood on a religious shrine

The stench of revenge is too easy to inhale
Because it seems justice is hard to prevail
The fragrance of innocence has long gone
In this brutal world were humanity has gone wrong.

The fragrance is now only a memory
We have lost hope in humanity
We have no more ideas to hold on to
Evaporated clouds as we drop below
Falling endlessly and eternally
What went so wrong quickly?
The last memory I hold before it evaporates
Is the fragrance of hope.