Closed eyes under a perfect blue sky
It is so unblemished not a cloud in the way
The only clouds are circling my mind
The doubts, the chaos and the frustration

You use your voice but it is seldom heard
All your brainwaves and fantastic ideas
Everyone around you is too busy to listen up
Most people don’t even look into you
You are as see through as a ghost on All Hallows eve
You try to be heard and so your scream
Everyone takes a step back and give you a confused look
You know that being around just bothers them

You have prided yourself on not fitting in
Being a voice that goes against the grain
But being a blot on this days landscape
Can only bring misery and pain
Just like a social media post you are cancelled out
Hidden forever from everybody’s time line
When you speak so truthfully and passionately
You will be condemned to be no one’s past time

As you travel on and leave these people by the roadside
As your face fades into their mist of time
These people forget you in an instant
Preferring to spend their lives in ignorant bliss
All their arrogance and bad composure
Mixed with hatred and despise for their neighbour
Preferring to talk about the death of a foreigner
Their culture should be flowing in the filthiest sewer

I can’t understand how a human can stoop so low
To dirty his territory with bags of chemical waste
To live in sin and then in the stench of rotting fish
Leaving his footprint in the shit he placed
When caught fly tipping or setting the forest on fire
He insists it was not me said the impulsive liar
Us normal folk live with consequences
Countryside devastated and blackened forever

All these images flickering through my inquisitive mind
All that I know is all that I can write
I want the world to see the actions of this new wave of barbarians
I want you to know this keeps me awake at night
With so much corruption surrounding our daily lives
With so many people willing to look the other way
I have the right to be angry at my fellow townspeople
Full of culture but most are foul as the rivers that flow here.

I feel my chest so tight it sometimes it is hard to breathe
When I read of all the bad things these people are doing
There seems no end to the horrors and ill feeling
I feel useless and inadequate to help the needy
My patience is short and fuse has already burnt out
I am willing to voice my opinion but all I do is shout
My words are not heard and not deciphered it is what they prefer
They want me to sit in the dark corner and cry in my beer

When money is the solution the money can never be found
When lack of funding for the fireman means the countryside is burning
When laws are compromised the criminal organisations prosper
The mafia is destroying Italia until there is no beauty here

When everything is bent out of shape and the future askew
When everyone laughs at everything you say and do
When they say it is too late for reform we have always lived this way
When their arrogance and hot-headedness strangles them every day
When votes are lost in the crumbling election halls
When the rebuilding of the country is handed over to the insane
Hell bent on destruction they never finish what they do
All this weight of indecency is now gnawing at you

As I close my eyes and try not to see what was the perfect sky
The sun now hiding by a putrid foul-smelling cloud
A forest burns in the distance and the wildlife are burnt alive
Someone somewhere is enjoying this hell on earth
With methods of madness to bring the community to its knees
A sick bastard sets the world alight to eradicate a couple of leaves
Their ignorance is drowning out the need for change
We should have never let these animals out of their cage.