In was the deepest darkest most treacherous corner of the known universe
It was where all survivors suffered and all heroes failed
It was a place of limited fantasy in what would have been a fantastic world
It is where our deepest darkest tale will be told

It was always dark for most of the cruel year
The temperature cold and the wind was bitter
No beast could survive in this inverted paradise
There only ever lived the foulest parasite

It was a lake but it was not filled with the sweetest purest water
It was the accumulation of centuries of blood and sweat and slaughter
Nothing survived yet nothing was ever alive
It was a living, dying petri dish of the universes worst bacteria

The air was foul the toxic gases mixed with what seemed to be sulphur
Volcanic mountains in the background continued to spew its lava
Earthquakes shook this place moving huge rocks as if a game of football
The landscape scarred with strange indentions like an Egyptian scroll

In the midst of another deafening earthquake
The foul liquid in the trough of death rose
For centuries this murky mirror did not ripple
What did this tremor do to move this lake so?

If this was music then it must have been a philharmonic orchestra
A tidal wave of doomed notes moved the stagnant water
If something moved in the depths it was too dirty to tell
There was a crackle of static in the air and a god awful smell

Then through the mist and the fury something in the lake appeared
Something ominous and threatening something to fear
In rose from the lake with a supernatural flutter
It carved through the foul liquid like a knife slicing butter

Soon it was nearing the shore a colourless bogeyman on the way out
Changing shape, changing form and changing colour
Black was the night, black was the lake so black become the demon
What was the meaning of this, to arrive and not be welcome?

The static in the air reached a tipping point
A huge violent fork of lightening blasted the lake
The violet light of the bolt blinded our view
The thunder roar made the ground to shake

The silence returned and the lake was not lively anymore
There was no foul demon rising to the shore
The scene had returned lifeless and motionless
So what had became of the demon?
Where did it go?
Read on my fiend
If you really what to know…

To be continued in my latest ebook coming soon in 2017!