Feels quite solid to you
This life you’ve grown
Feels so real to you
The routine you follow
Feels so good and true
This shit you are feeling
Doesn’t have to be the end of you

And you can hate everything and anything that gets in your fucking way
You can be angry and aggressive and beat your head just to make it through the day
You can grit your teeth and pull off your fingernails for a little pain relief
We stand on this fragile earth yet we are tortured souls beneath…

We raise a glass to a better day
Some weed to make you fly away
All those prickly feelings that antagonise
At invisible demons that look like blue bottle flies

And you can destroy everything you have ever made just to feel a little better
You can burn all your bridges to the north east coast just because you hate your mother
You can break up all the messages in a bottle just because the bloody north sea just got wetter
We all stand on this fragile earth and we are forgotten souls getting number

What is it I have got to say?
On the life long scabs that doesn’t fade away
Screams I hold in my silent room so far away

Swimming against the tide, the sharks have greedy eyes, come down and play
You just want to play with the piranhas just to see how fast they can mutilate you
You just want to play with fire to watch the blisters grow and watch hell consume you
You just want to play with the wasps nest to see if what they inject would soothe you

We are all part of this fragile earth
We are all naked with our feelings
Trying all our lives to cover them up
And the drugs don’t work
And no matter what I sup
It seems so futile
So let’s give up
Throw the towel into the ring
Because this life means nothing
Nothing to gain
Nowhere to go
I’ve done it again
I thought you wanted to know
Not born to be a hero
Born to be despised
Fed up of swimming
Between the erotic lies
And on this fragile earth
Our footsteps start a quake
For every fucking wrong turn
For every bloody mistake
It hurts!

Fragile earth under my nails
Salt in my wounds
The acid in my pain
I won’t fail again

How is you today?
That you decided to stay
I’m volatile and I will consume you
Hold me
We’ve got to catch the ghost train
Out of here
Do you have somewhere to go?
To here
To places I don’t yet know
The twilight pole and soothing zones
Great to know it destroyed my phone

Sometimes there are days that seem quite okay but it’s just an oasis in the desert
Sometimes I feel alive my heart beats politely but it’s just a blip in the ocean
Sometimes I crack a smile and it feels almost true but the mirror spits out another potion
We all despise living on this fragile earth hanging onto this steam punk ride getting soot in your eyes

Any day
Anything to say
That’s not
Wrapped in dismay?